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What clients are saying about Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.
"Mrs. Gonzales is wonderful to work with. She always keeps a level head and is always calm, even when sometimes we are not so calm. She works hard to resolve any loan issues and is willing to do the extra work required on really tuff loans. " - Jennifer B.
"No complaints. Keep up the good work. " - Chris C.
"Everything awesome " - Oniel A.
"I wanted to give a super BIG shout out to team Sun West for the hard work put in on this file. YOU ROCK! Please give everyone involved with this loan Kudos. thank you so much!!!!! " - Brian L.
"Last year I was 26 in the country for FHA , top 100 in the country for VA, and number 422 overall in the country for total loan volume and about 97% of that was all Sun West loans. Cheers to a great year last year! " - Randy S.
"Everyone did a great job " - Angela C.
"Everything was Great, everyone I worked with was great they all went out of their way to help me thanks again " - Warren K.
"Refinance a year ago and overall I'm getting what's expected. Happy with the service and professionalism! " - Kao S. *************************
"Website is easy to use and understand. " - Stacey C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Norm W.
"Excellent service, and the process went smooth. I am very happy that we chose Sun West. " - Rory K. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Henry K.
"Always have had great experience with this company and we are glad to continue to have them as our mortgage company. Always speedy-no slip ups and great customer service! " - Joshua J. *************************
"Very good mortgage company. Never had a problem Closing went very well. " - Howard R. ********************
"Everyone were very professional " - George G. *************************
"Excelente y muy rápido. El agente estaba Muy bien informado. Los felicito! " - Belinda R. *************************
"Got a great interest rate very happy called for questions and Arlinda walked me through the process so far so good " - Joseph C. *************************
"I have never had any negative issues with Sun west Mortgage Company " - Richard C. *************************
"Short and sweet and to the point. " - On'Shay K. *************************
"Gilbert S. has been helping me find as many solutions as possible while I'm having temporary financial difficulties. I have a promise to pay but he also is helping me try for other financial assistance. He is polite and understanding while also being thorough in explaining any potential problems I could face. Gilbert has helped me feel like Sun West Mortgage is on my side and doing everything possible to help me make payment arrangements that work for me and Sun West. He's been great and I really appreciate being able to work with him. " - Elizabeth W. *************************
"Realmente muy satisfechi con el servicio esperando hacer negocios muy pronto " - Alfredo R. *************************
"Great experience from start to finished " - Kiwana B. *************************
"Sun West has always been a provider of excellent customer service. I give you 2 thumbs up! " - William R. *************************
"I am happy to be a client of Sun West. They are very patient and helpful in explaining all my questions and completely satisfying my queries. I appreciate your support. ­" - Santhosh P. *************************
"They were very fast and efficient. Very painless ­" - Donald W. *************************
"Excellent ! Best Customer Experience ever. Syieta made sure she answered all of my questions and was extremely thorough, staying on the line until I had my documents in hand. I wish she lived on the East Coast because I could use her in my Customer service Department. ­" - Bill S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Wilbert R.
"Easy to use ­" - Amanda R. *************************
"Overall experience is always excellent ­" - Napoleon E. *************************
"We have never had a problem with Sun West, always great customer service and the website is easy to navigate ­" - Luz J. *************************
"Up to now, my questions are answer fast and courteous, Truly enjoy working with my loan associate. ­" - Elba M. *************************
"I'm very happy with the experience I had with all of your employees they were friendly and helpful will recommend this co. every time ­" - Carlos B. *************************
"The experience with Alba C. was excellent . I am very pleased with the amiability and courtesy of your Relationship Manager Alba C. Thanks for your help. The response was fabulous. Thank You Sun west. I will recommend Sun West Mortgage Company to anybody. ­" - Celeste V. *************************
"Outstanding customer service. My concerns were immediately addressed and resolved. ­" - Ronald F. *************************
"Thanks for your help! " - Angela J.
"We got our first mortgage with Sun West and it was a smooth process. We refinanced with them and it was incredibly smooth. They were incredibly fast and efficient. I would recommend them! " - Nora T.
"Dana G. and staff performed very well​​ " - Daniel G.
"I appreciate how quick it was from start to finish!! " - Lynnette A.
"Thank you for your service. " - Ruth V.
"So far so good! There offer exceeded all companies! " - Troy S. ********************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Clarence S.
"Ernest D. is a pleasure to work with. He is responsive and makes sure that I understand every step of the way. I have recommended him to a few people. " - Cindy M. *************************
"It's excellent service " - Ana A. *************************
"Could not have gone any smoother with Chris. Would definitely use again and just referred my brother to him. He was able to get me a second VA loan for my current house which I've heard and been told it was impossible to get but he made it happen. He is very up to date and quick responding whenever I had any questions. I highly recommend Chris and his team at Sun West to anyone looking for a mortgage. " - Ryan G. *************************
"Staff has been very pleasant to work with, very thorough, informative and responsible " - Nilda N. *************************
"My loan program inquiry has been quickly answered and resolved by Underwriting Scenarios Team. My appreciation to the team and Tharakh. " - Al R. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Paul H.
"I love this company, I have my home loan with Sun West Mortgage and they always help me no matter what the situation is. Very good company! " - Gredisleydis M. *************************
"The team work was good. Jairus was outstanding. He is the man " - Darryl R. *************************
"I have been with Sun West for some time and have refinanced my VA loan for a lower interest rate. They have always been extremely professional in the way they have handled the transaction and in servicing the loan. " - Leonard C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - David H.
"The people I Have talked to have been great. " - June H. *************************
"Excellent " - Juan G. *************************
"Very good experience " - Kathleen G. *************************
"We received what we were after, and immediately. The customer service person waited until I confirmed that we had the email. Thank you. ­" - Mary K. *************************
"We needed some information for taxes. The woman with whom I talked was extremely friendly, helpful and actually...FUN to talk to. She was efficient and made our transaction a VERY pleasant experience. Thank you Sun West. ­" - Nolan P. *************************
"SunWest helped me to refinance my loan at a very affordable price. Thank you SunWest team. ­" - Santhosh P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Michael W.
"I am very pleased with my refi.... ­" - Sharon C. *************************
"Excellent ­" - Edna O. *************************
"I am quite satisfied with the service I have received. ­" - Diana S. *************************
"Out Standing Service ­" - Clyde C. *************************
"My husband and I were buying our first home and Chris L. and his team, Diana and Phyllis, worked together to get us in our beautiful home. Chris is very personable and makes you feel like you have known him for years. Chris helped us from the very beginning and pointed us in the right direction financially. We appreciate all Chris and his team, Diana and Phyllis, have done for us! " - Christle C.
"Everyone was very helpful and always keeping me up to date " - Marilyn M.
"Everything went smoothly " - Stephen T.
"I've been with them for 5 years and I refinanced into a 2.7 30 fixed loan. Everything was fairly smooth during the process and my family and I are happy. " - Kev1 G (Via Google review).
"I was very impressed with how helpful Kellie D. was throughout this entire process. She was extremely helpful and patient with all of my questions. She always answer in a timely and polite manner. It has been a great pleasure working with her.​​ " - Richard S.
"Muchas, muchas, muchas pero que muchas gracias! Que Dios derrame mil y una bendiciones sobre ti y tu familia y que conceda cada uno de los deseos que hay en tu corazón! " - Sonia S.
"Jennie B. is really amazing at her job. Thank you so much for everything. " - Mark M.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Tammy D.
"RoseMarie was a very nice and pleasant to work with. She was very informative about the whole process. She answered all my questions and gave me time to write my notes. She was very knowledgeable about Sun West and in detail told me what to expect. I truly appreciate that she was the one to answer my call. Thank you very much Rose Marie. " - Mildred H. *************************
"Venessa did a great job helping me get my tax info. Great customer service. Thank you " - James L. *************************
"Great Service Very Happy " - Warren K. *************************
"Brenda was very courteous and helpful. Promptly sent the information that I needed. Thanks for a trouble free experience! " - Gradye M. *************************
"I really appreciated it that the representative who put me on hold was courteous enough to come back on every minute to tell me the lines were very busy but to not hang up. Generally you are transferred and forgotten. " - William B. *************************
"I have 2 years with my mortgage Company and always great customer service. Great team work keep up " - Carmela C. *************************
"Brenda was very helpful and pleasant to speak with. Thank you very much. " - Judy W. *************************
"My husband and I are completely happy with the features and service we've received. Thanks! " - Lisa W. *************************
"This is my first experience with Sun West, so far everything is great. Very easy account set up. " - David C. *************************
"Sun West has always been a leader in my book. All my AE's have been very helpful in my endeavors along with customer service and UW and processing and funding departments. A big thanks for all that you all do in the process from start to finish. Pavan even takes time out to meet and talk with you which is an important touch. " - Mark S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Marco V.
"Great to work with very easy to understand and always good about emailing back and keeping me informed on the process. " - Cody B. ********************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Jason R.
"Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is a new company I have never heard of, till my mortgage was sold to SWMC. But in a nutshell...I was and am very pleased with Cameron's and Jazmine's professionalism with extensive and in depth knowledge of residential lending. " - Christine C. *************************
"The team at Sun West Mortgage that I have been dealing with were very helpful and awesome. " - Ronald R. *************************
"The process would have gone a lot quicker and easier if ALL needed documents and third party test had been revealed at the start of the process. Kellie D. was extremely helpful and patient with all my questions and inquires. " - Richard S. ********************
"Quick response and really can depend on urgency. " - Sam C. *************************
"Excellent " - Gary P. *************************
"love your company always very nice and helpful ­" - Annie W. *************************
"Good good ­" - Samuel C. *************************
"This company has been good since I've moved my mortgage ­" - Brian C. ********************
"Since we first started working with Sun West Mortgage Company we have had very good service. The people we have worked with have been very professional and have had a very knowledgeable understanding of our needs. I would highly recommend Sun West. ­" - Ellen M. *************************
"I have never experienced a quick and painless refinance ever! ­" - Greg Y. *************************
"This was my first re-finance and had a ton of questions. Got all the answers I needed very clearly and consider myself very knowledgeable in the home ownership category! ­" - Wesley P. *************************
"Exceptional customer service and speedy ­" - Dania S. *************************
"Joseph was very forth right and frank about the loan process also very professional. I look forward to being with sun west family for many years. ­" - Willie H. *************************
"I just wanted to let you know that Kellie D. has been very professional throughout our loan process. She has answered all of our questions in a prompt and timely manner and I truly appreciate that, as this process can be a bit intimidating for some...well for me it sure is but she has been patient at answering every big or little question I had. " - Maggie F.
"Our loan officer Leland T. was always professional and helpful. Was knowledgeable and willing to answer questions as they arise. We were skeptical at first about using an online mortgage company but soon realized that being able to do everything digitally with a team of people that is experienced in doing digital transactions probably saved us a lot of time and frustration. " - Andrew C.
"A suggestion? My experience was superb. I have had many dealings especially with VA home loans from a Realtor standpoint and as a buyer. They were exactly on top of all problems/potential problems because they were so familiar with the process and how to remedy them. A very refreshing experience! " - Timothy S.
"Great Service and the whole process was easy! Thanks very much! " - Louie H.
"Thanks Megan! We have the closing docs already, so all is good. Angelica handled all the issues for us. In case you didn't know this already Megan, she is awesome!! Thank you both for all the help you give to me and my customers ALWAYS!! " - Jack W.
"Everyone that I talked to during the process was friendly and helpful, if they didn't have answer then they forwarded me to someone that did. Overall I think it went really smooth. Thanks! " - Jennifer G.
"Wanda and Ed did a great job at helping push the last few conditions and getting the CD out just in the nick of time to ensure we didn't miss our closing on this short sale. Their efforts are greatly appreciated and one of the main reasons why I continue to work with Sun West." - Angela C.
"Excellent Service, attention and hospitality. " - Kathya S.
"You all are awesome. Thank you for all you have done in such an efficient and expedited manner. " - Sherry H.
"Joseph was very forth right and frank about the loan process also very professional. I look forward to being with sun west family for many years " - Willie H. *************************
"The loan agent, Frank G., provided excellent service through prompt responses to inquiries, management of the myriad of documents, and his friendly and personal demeanor. " - Robert G. *************************
"All your employees I have been in touch with have been very helpful friendly and knowledgeable the last one was Elen P. and she couldn't have been better in any way thank you so much " - Carlos B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Mark W.
"Great rates, fast closing time. Saved me almost $200.00 a month. " - Robert M. *************************
"Made it easy to work with " - Roger K. *************************
"Friendly customers service. " - Ellie G. ********************
"Excelente " - Ana A. *************************
"My experience was good " - Blanca R. ********************
"Tom V. was extremely helpful through the entire process and we appreciated that he was able to help whenever we had questions. He always got back to us in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to work with and made the process a lot more manageable for us. " - Jamie C. *************************
"FANTASTIC!!! " - Nathaniel S. *************************
"Very helpful, thank you very much... " - James P. *************************
"The entire FHA Streamline process, was fast, easy, and everyone we spoke with were very friendly and helpful. Hopefully rates will drop again, when they do, Sun West Mortgage will be my first call... " - Gina D. *************************
"Muy buen proceso y rapido, totalmente complacido con el servicio. " - Jorgel H. ********************
"Always very helpful..Great customer service! " - Patricia Q. *************************
"Mr. Delgado is a very professional doing his job ­" - Segundo A. *************************
"The best service that one could ask for. This will be our second mortgage with SunWest. Absolutely no issues during the process. Robin went as far as going into the office on her day off!! Our needs were her number one priority. If you're in the Phoenix area I would contact Robin at SunWest. ­" - Ricardo M. *************************
"Very helpful & friendly to work with. ­" - Sonny M. *************************
"SunWest Mortgage great company when I got my loan for my home they were real helpful and there has been some times that I have a question I will get a quick response. ­" - Perfecto D. *************************
"I have not been with this company very long but as of right now my experience has been great!! They have great customer service and I love how simple it is to navigate through their website. ­" - Jose D. *************************
"Very new to Sun West..all great for now.. ­" - Susan J. *************************
"Great company ­" - Johnny H. *************************
"Very professional. Quick responses and kept up date on progress. Explained everything in detail and very receptive to my needs. ­" - William P. *************************
"The Relationship Managers are so great about following up on conditions and keeping us informed about what is still needed​​ " - Denise S.
"Thank you to Mr​. ​​Valdez " - Stephanie D.
"Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for doing the impossible and helping me close. " - Yeifry R.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Hayley M.
"Jessica, has been keeping me informed along the way the short sale process and paperwork require. " - John W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Lucy S.
"This experience has been a great one! It was very easy to transition and navigate through the system and set up my paperless statement and automatic draft. I am a new customer to Sun West and other websites have been somewhat tiresome. Thanks for the customer friendly experience without having to call customer service for assistance! Kudos! " - Natosha J. *************************
"Good experience " - Karen W. ********************
"Paying my mortgage has been very easy, no complaints. Looking forward for a good relationship with Sun West. " - Christopher M. *************************
"Mel M. was very helpful and professional " - Gemma M. *************************
"Ok " - Ricardo V. ********************
"Really good experience I would definitely recommend this company " - Zully V. *************************
"Daniel did a great job explaining the difference of loan applications. I was very grateful to her for her kindness to me. " - Louise H. *************************
"I am very pleased with the way to process have gone so far I really appreciate the quality and expertise all of her business were conducted they were very patient with me and help me in the process all the way I am very pleased thank you " - Nathan S. *************************
"The best experience I've had with loans yet! " - Esteban E. *************************
"Great Service from your company. " - Anthony S. *************************
"I have never worked with a more thorough, professional or caring rep, than Kari B. I am 63 now and she simply really is the very best I have ever worked with. " - David P. *************************
"Until now everything is very good " - Guillermo V. *************************
"simple, easy to use interface online for monthly payments. " - Ian C. *************************
"Always helpful and pleasant " - Sue P. *************************
"Very "customer first" service oriented! " - Wayne A. *************************
"Very friendly and helpful customer service rep. " - Lenore M. *************************
"Everything was fine " - Brian I. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Albert D.
"Excellent " - Vinicio M. *************************
"I worked with Duke at Sunwest in Abrams and during the process he was very prompt and very informative and kept me always informed on the process and what needed to be done. I Phone by working with him and Ron and Trina they made it seem an easy process for me. " - Thomas P. *************************
"I am very satisfied with Sun West Mortgage and this form of instructions was easy to follow. " - Timothy W. *************************
"One of few companies that loans on mfg homes. The APR is great as is the customer service. " - John B. *************************
"Awesome customer service ­" - Tim L. *************************
"Your company is the best of the best . Thanks for all of the great work you have done. ­" - Joseph F. *************************
"My recent home purchase was a very friendly and efficient experience. With the very knowledgeable assistance from both Fernando P. and Hope L., everything went very smoothly; and I always felt I had people looking out for my interests. From the very beginning, Jose, guided me through the application and gave me his vast knowledge of the process - and was there for the final steps, as well. I never thought I was alone in this process. Hope L. was equally knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, throughout the process. I am extremely happy that I chose SunWest to purchase my home; and would recommend them, highly, to anyone seeking a mortgage. ­" - David C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Roger H.
"Duke P. went all out helping us through this difficult transaction. Nothing but good things to say about this guy and the company. Thanks so much ­" - Tally B. *************************
"Had good experience with Sunwest Mortgage customer service so far. ­" - Luciana R. *************************
"I asked for documents on my house and they were given to me same day, I like the fast service fast courteous. Thank you very much ­" - Arnulfo H. *************************
"All service calls and the Tax Department have been very professional, courteous, and very helpful. My property tax issue was resolved and the process conclusion was sent to me for hard-copy. Thank you all so very much. ­" - Dale L. *************************
"Very professional, assisted me with all of my questions and documents. ­" - LaDonna A. *************************
"​​I wanted to send you a note to let you know how well Kellie is doing keeping me up to speed on my loan closing and moving things along. We are closing this coming Wednesday and we couldn't be more excited. Thank you and Kellie, keep up the good work. " - Phillip H.
"Staff was great in every step of the process and very helpful. Excellent service. " - Frances L.
"Excellent " - Queenie T.
"It took from August 28th to January 25th due to hurricane damage to close this loan... If Pedro A. and Jazmin M. had not been so attentive, patient and understanding with us and worked harder than I have ever seen anyone in the mortgage industry work before we would not have closed this loan. It closed because they kept us from losing our patience and dropping this loan. They made this work. I hope they got a bonus for this loan cause they earned it and then some. Thank you both. " - Lesley M.
"It was fantastic that you reached out to us about refinancing our home after we started the process with another institution.. We really like having you as our mortgage holder. " - William S.
"Everyone did a great job, especially Wanda being proactive on this file and we were clear to close and balanced a full week before closing! Awesome work :) " - Angela C.
"Nathan S. made my dream home come true... I never thought that as a first time buyer that this would have been possible... Nathan really helped me get my home quickly and with a mortgage that I could afford. He went above and beyond in making this transition as smooth as possible. Thank you, Nathan and thank you Sunwest Mortgage!!! " - Christi M.
"One of the fastest and smooth loans I have done. Wanda was on top of everything on this loan. Ready to close two weeks before the scheduled closing date. " - Lawrence A.
"Bethany B. is our relationship manager. She is always helping. Not a day goes by that she didn't answer my questions or give me updates to changes that were happening on the loan. Even when she was extremely busy, she still took the time to answer my phone calls and help me out with a loan. I really appreciate her help. Please tell her how grateful I am for her help! " - Mark L.
"I always get representatives that are knowledgeable about the company's products. " - Mabel S. *************************
"As a new customer, your service was great and the man who was helping me with info concerning my loan details, was very helpful and made sure I understood every detail of what to do to access to the data. Thank you. " - Maurice L. *************************
"Excellent Service " - Gary P. *************************
"Since December 2016 all my calls have been answered very professionally and helpful. Today Malcom was very helpful and answered my questions with precise information. " - Migdalia V. *************************
"Great experience and rates! " - Kathleen S. ********************
"The experience has been great. Everything has been simple and easy to navigate through. ­" - Mary C. *************************
"Easy to navigate online. " - Sylvester V. *************************
"Mike and Erica Rock :) " - Lavenski S. ********************
"The best so far I have worked with. " - Leslie M. *************************
"My overall comment is that the two people I dealt with Jairus H. and Della D. did a great job. Thank you so much " - Christine M. ********************
"Buen servicio, rápido y puntual. " - Carlos N. *************************
"Outstanding! ­" - Roger H. *************************
"Thank you for the professional experience I have had with you over the last two years. " - Barbara S. *************************
"Everything was done in a prompt and professional manner. Steve V. (Loan Officer) is a very pleasant person to work with. " - Marian B. *************************
"Loan officer (Steve V.) & Processor (Kellie) demonstrated, a manner of professionalism. Very courteous. " - William B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Steven R.
"Kristi M. is an AWWWWEsome customer service rep!!! While answering ALL my questions, she was patient, totally willing to find the answers to my questions, and thorough to my satisfaction. Thank you, Kristi!!! You are AWWWWEsome!!!!! " - Merry O. *************************
"Awesome customer service " - Lori B. *************************
"Excellent, efficient service, thank you! " - Donna J. *************************
"SunWest Mortgage Company has been easy to work with. Their staff have always been polite and courteous. I would recommend them to everyone! ­" - Stephen G. *************************
"Excellent, very professional! " - Perry G. *************************
"So far so good " - Jose M. ********************
"Easy online access to accounts, loan , and an easy way to do payments. ­" - MK T. *************************
"I have had my mortgage with Sun West since February 2016. The process of purchasing my home was seamless. I also love being able to pay my mortgage online at anytime. " - Carmita J. *************************
"Satisfactory! " - Arthur P. ********************
"Good " - Nathan S. ********************
"I think it is great, I got my refi with them and very happy!! " - Robert H. ********************
"I was assisted today by Denia B. Denia was very kind informative and extremely helpful. Exactly the kind of professional exchange you hope to receive from a Servicing Representative. I could not have been more pleased with the level of service I received or the pleasant personality I had the pleasure to be speaking with about my concern. Denia is simply another fine reason for doing business with Sun West Mortgage. Fast, efficient and reliable service. Thank you for providing such a great team to work with " - Randy L. *************************
"Very well pleased with Sun West. Very professional and knowledgeable. Answered all questions and very helpful overall. Thanks. " - Alduha M. *************************
"Great website " - Bridget K. *************************
"Great to work with " - Cynthia S. *************************
"Excellente servicio Marisol R. es super ­" - Wilfredo R. *************************
"Sun West is a fantastic company to work with. They are considerate and extremely helpful in any situation you may need help with. ­" - Sue P. *************************
"Very easy website. No problems what so ever ­" - Gregory M. *************************
"Rosa R. an excellent representative ­" - Pier R. *************************
"Efficient customer care...prompt response to questions ­" - Robert H. *************************
"Great experience so far! ­" - Nikesha W. *************************
"Vanessa C. was great and helped me get a computer that would accept the email. Thanks. ­" - James P. *************************
"Very good customer service, fast, quick to reply. ­" - Concepcion U. *************************
"I have refinanced with Sunwest 3 times in 3 years. They have been excellent in every aspect of the business. I now have a 2.75 rate and am thrilled! " - Mark M.
"Great help and service from Dana " - John C.
"Penina was so great to work with. " - Robert M.
"This was a very pleasant experience!! " - Ed R.
"Seeking a good interest rate I went to SunWest. Only when I had a problem I found out SunWest is the best. You get to talk to a knowledgeable, helpful Person. A real asset to this company, Kudos to HR as well, keep up the excellent hiring. Anarosa took care of my issues at once, complete with documents. With people like her why would you go anywhere else? " - Maxwell C.
"Very Nice " - David P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Annette W.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Thomas P.
"Thank you for all that you do " - Patty N. *************************
"Great " - Dewayne S. *************************
"We would never have expected that buying our first home would be one the most effortless experiences of our lives all due to SunWest and Fernando P.! Truly one of the best buying experiences ever! Fernando was knowledgeable and helpful answering every question we had along the way. As a first-time home buyers, we needed someone that understood the need to have a broker that was patient and accessible. Everything went off without a hitch but if we had a problem, we knew that Fernando would be there to assist us and work it out. " - Jennifer P. *************************
"Mr Corujo gave me excellent inf. regarding FHA loans. Very informative " - Rafael A. *************************
"Excellent Products. Excellent Service! " - Fidelis O. *************************
"I like sun west as a mortgage holder. " - Greg M. *************************
"The person who eventually helped me a pleasure to talk with. She was very congenial and helpful. " - John M. *************************
"Really pleased. professional job well done. kept well informed and answered all my questions. Job well done thank you. " - Donald N. *************************
"Very reliable and consistent .. really gets the job done ..even if there are issues .. supportive and friendly ! " - Kevin L. ********************
"Easy to follow the instructions " - Rafael S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Dominic V.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Franklin S.
"Great always ­" - Damien F. *************************
"I was pleased with the agent I spoke with she was polite and courteous with me and took time to make sure I understood what she was saying. thank you ­" - Elizabeth T. *************************
"Edwin A. is excellent and very knowledgeable and professional. I am very pleased with the service he is providing. ­" - Jorge Y. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Joshua P.
"Excellent service very knowledgeable personnel. ­" - Lucas L. *************************
"Representative Aubrey was very professional in taking care of my need. She went beyond to ensure my information on file was current. She did a great job representing the company. ­" - Andrea W. *************************
"Very easy site to use, includes tutorials for such things as extra principle payments. ­" - Terese J. *************************
"We have only just began our relationship with our Sun West family, and they have made us feel so secure and welcome. They immediately sent us welcome emails, letters and even phone calls to assure us that they are always there for us with ANY questions or concerns. ­" - Ronnie E. *************************
"Each time I contact Sun West I am greeted by a cheerful professional who answers my questions and resolves and concern that I may have. Finally, I've found a company with home I can deal. ­" - Richard H. *************************
"I would like to say that Santosh K. in your Vendor Orders department is great to work with...he is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and professional and he is always available and willing to assist us with everything that we need. Please thank him for me. ­" - Nick E. *************************
"Rosa was very professional and fast She was there any time I emailed her Sun west is very fortunate to have someone like Rosa R. on their team Thanks for your help Rosa ­" - Lee W. *************************
"Jairus/Della, The both of you were absolutely professional and amazing to work with. I've worked many real estate loan transactions, and this by far topped the service of all from Start to Finish. Jairus, I am so pleased you called and explained the advantages of keeping my previous loan at Sunwest with not one, but three options of a lower interest rate. You were not a PUSHY Salesman constantly calling for me to make an instant decision, which is the second reason I remained at SWMC. During the loan approval process, you always remained a constant point of contact, if I were unable to reach Della or needed additional clarification. In my line of work for the Federal Gov't, travelling back and forth in times of uncertainty became stressful for me at times in responding to Demands, however, I MUST say, Della D. you never lost your composure or professionalism, nor did it compromise the service I received from Sunwest Mortgage. I am a Retired Veteran - 33-1/2 years, I thank you for the exemplary service. " - Delois B.
"Excellent is not a high enough status for the service and efforts that we received from Robin M. and Jessyvet. They both went over and above the norm to get this reverse mortgage done for us.​ ​Their efforts will allow Loretta to retire now, because there will be no house payment. Thank you is not enough to tell these people and Sunwest how much we appreciate all of the efforts. " - Winferd S.
"Our lender Chris and the entire team Phyliss and Diana were ​​phenomenal and I would definitely recommend SWMC to my family and friends " - Steven R.
"Everyone did a great job with helping me get closed on time " - Jennifer C.
"Erica H. and Martin were awesome! " - Calvin H.
"Great job " - Mike R.
"Just a short note to thank you both Erica B. and Jennifer B. for getting our loan processed in a very timely manner. We are now $500 richer each month! Whoohoo!! We will be trying to make double payments so we can get the loan paid off in about seven years, or whatever that works out to be. It's been a pleasure working with both of you as you both seem very professional! Keep up the good work. Thanks again. Good luck in your future endeavors. " - Larry W.
"Really appreciate the thorough review all the way thru the funding on all our files, makes the broker jobs easier and smooth " - Terry U.
"I would not change anything, this was a grand experience. " - Brian M.
"Good service and quick " - Patricia S.
"You always took care of our questions with the utmost care and priority. We thank you very much! " - Jerry H.
"Phyllis H. the loan manager and the rest of the teams with sun west made this transaction to be very smooth and timely. I will recommend sun west mortgage to my future clients. " - Tunde O. *************************
"Great customer service! " - Sandy I. *************************
"Great experience, Ms. Vanessa was polite ,respectful and helpful with all my questions. Thank you, " - Rafael O. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Arthur P.
"Alain is, indeed, a master of Service! " - Mel D. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Carl V.
"AnaMaria C. Was Excellent, She was very professional and took care of my issues at once. Thank You for hiring and keeping ladies like Her.. " - Maxwell C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - William C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Mauricio M.
"My experience is good. Very helpful and information is easy to locate on page. " - Veronica D. *************************
"The time it took to process my loan was awesome! The customer service from everyone was great and I didn't have to spend a lot of time on the phone nor typing emails. " - Mary K. *************************
"This company has been awesome working with! I would highly recommend them! " - Sherri B. *************************
"Easy, fast, professional. " - James B. *************************
"Good " - Maria P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - John C.
"Emailed the company due to an issue with making a payment and within 30 minutes I had a response and a fix! That's great service and attention to customers! " - Jason D. *************************
"Awesome service " - Michelle D. *************************
"Kanesha is great at her craft...customer service. She told me how to make payments easier and waited patiently when she e-mailed me my tax information and I had to go to the second floor to access my computer. she was making sure I could open the secure e-mail as I am elderly and not so computer literate. She is a gem! " - Judith B. *************************
"Easy to follow. Thanks " - Ruth V. *************************
"Sunwest has been great to date. Website is easy to use and log in for easy payment. ­" - Lewis C. *************************
"I realize that this file was a challenge and SWMC did a great job ­" - Donald P. *************************
"Such an easy refinance. No hoops to jump through. All I can say is WOW! ­" - Patricia S. *************************
"Best experience with our refinance! ­" - Durell S. *************************
"Excellent representative. Pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, polite. He provided needed information and gave helpful explanations, and sent documents the same day, as requested and promised. ­" - Tomas C. *************************
"The whole team helped me get the approval. Thanks. ­" - Zilehuma E. *************************
"I spoke with "Ralph" and he was very helpful and followed up with a phone call when we got cut off which almost led me to believe that I would have to call all over and explain our dilemma all over. Ralph, thank you for your Customer Service ­" - Jose G. *************************
"Excellent ­" - Pier R. *************************
"Great experience ­" - Josean S. *************************
"We would like to take this time to let you know that Kellie D. is doing a great job. Of the many calls that we have made, Kellie has been very helpful, patient, and mannerly with us. We appreciate all that Sun West has done for us. Thank you for allowing Kellie to be our Processor. " - William & Marian B.
"Nicole has been GREAT and a REAL NICE LADY to chat with, very helpful! " - Brian D.
"Keep doing the good business and client satisfaction that your company provides and you​ will always be blessed. " - Kedrick R.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Donald P.
"SunWest has been a great company to work with. They were able to reduce our interest rate and our mortgage payments. They communicate well and we have not experienced any problems at all in the past year. " - Sherrie G. *************************
"I have been a Sun West's mortgage customer for over 3 years, their service has been great with best rates possible in the industry!!!! ­" - Hardik P. *************************
"Great, felt very informed throughout the loan process! ­" - Jacob P. *************************
"Very fast and smooth process! " - Stephanie P. *************************
"Very satisfied with all your services to date. " - Michel R. *************************
"El empleado fue muy atento y muy profesional en el desempeño de su trabajo, demostrando tener conocimiento del mismo. " - Julio R. ********************
"Excellent service. " - William H. *************************
"Good " - Sonia M. *************************
"Kenisha M. | Loan Servicing Representative handled everything I needed in a most professional manner. She solved all the problems I had with my mortgage payment and set up my 'autopay' just as I asked. Very pleased!!! " - Kent O. *************************
"Outstanding service no problem at all. I will use them again if needed. " - Clifford W. *************************
"Excellent customer service from Gian G. My appointment was @ 11am and was attended to earlier. Very professional and oriented to the transparency of the processes. I'm very satisfied. " - Jsime H. *************************
"I thank you for an informative and enlightening experience. The help I received was courteous and pleasant. " - Wanda M. *************************
"My experience as a new customer has been great. " - Wendy W. *************************
"The young lady helped us to the best of her knowledge. ­" - Robert Y. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Diana S.
"Everything was great ­" - Patrick B. *************************
"Great mortgage company ­" - Kim W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Clarence S.
"Quick and Easy ­" - William L. *************************
"Great ­" - Jose M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Victor O.
"I've had a great experience with Sun West. Especially making sure my escrow funds are kept in check ­" - Aleisha S. *************************
"Very happy with this company been a great experience ­" - James D. *************************
"So far everything is working OK. ­" - Jon R. *************************
"Thank you for your quick response to my request for a copy of my interest tax form. ­" - Vermon G. *************************
"It's a pleasure doing business with you again. " - Wesley R.
"David P. and Shirla A. were amazing throughout our entire loan process. I could not thank them enough for making this such an easy, pleasant and seamless process for us. We always knew we were in good hands. They were available when we needed them and kept us constantly informed on our loan status. They were also very knowledgeable and diligently responded to our questions. We could not have asked for a better team to handle our loan. Having worked with other lenders in the past, I can certainly say that the level of service, professionalism, knowledge, responsiveness and honesty at SunWest is far superior to other lenders. Thank you! " - Ruben S.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Ron O.
"Excellent, good customer service. Please keep it up. ­" - Anita T. *************************
"Thank you for your help in providing the 2016 tax statement for my mortgage. I received kind and prompt attention to this matter. " - Linda M. *************************
"Email answer was timely & gave me the information I was looking for! " - William R. *************************
"The online portal for making payments is very easy to use. " - Brandon M. *************************
"It has been very good experience so far .we are not done yet but hope everything is going to work out just fine. " - James B. ********************
"Excellent customer service!!! " - Sharon J. *************************
"Easy to set up and use " - James Y. ********************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Marilyn M.
"Peggy was very helpful and answered all , questions in a very efficient manner, I enjoyed working with her. At 94 I appreciate personal treatment and that is what I received .. Thank you " - Francis M. *************************
"It was a pleasure working with the highly professional members of this team! ­" - Michelle J. *************************
"Great customer service ­" - Gerardo H. *************************
"Very happy with service ­" - Cynthia S. *************************
"I spoke with Ms. Vanesa G. in Spanish. She is a very professional and polite person. She listen to what I needed and was quick to send it to me. Muchas gracias ­" - Santiago M. *************************
"So far the communication and updates have been superior. ­" - Travis T. *************************
"Excellent ­" - Pier R. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Brenda R.
"Very pleased with the service ­" - Chris Y. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Foard W.
"I love the website. It is so easy to use. ­" - Mary K. *************************
"I would like Brag on Kellie for doing such a fine job on handling my refinancing in a timely manner, she was Johnny on the spot. Thanks goes out to the SWMC for all they do to help families like mine have a chance to get ahead in life. " - Keith O.
"Great service " - Dolly L.
"Erica H. was awesome " - Calvin H.
"Great experience, made the refinance very easy and smooth. Would recommend too friends and family. " - Nicholas M. *************************
"AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I've been working with Nicole L. she's amazing!!! Always responds, love it!!! " - Cindy B. *************************
"Very nice and friendly to deal with. for the most part " - David K. ********************
"The process went very smoothly and we were pleasantly surprised!! " - Janet F. *************************
"Great " - Raymond F. *************************
"Dana was very pleasant and was full of information! We didn't get the approval I was hoping for but he did tell me what needed to be done to make our credit score get to where it needed to be. We are working on that now and I will definitely contact them once our goal is reached and hopefully get the approval and get the house we want. Thank you again for all your help Dana! :) " - Winter P. *************************
"Wendy was very helpful, courteous, professional and I felt very comfortable working with her. " - James H. *************************
"The young lady was extremely patient and helpful. " - Linda P. *************************
"Sun West provides quality customer service and mortgage products. " - Jesse N. *************************
"Excellent orientation " - Guanin F. *************************
"Friendly, helpful staff...what more could one ask? " - Gerard K. *************************
"Customer service representatives are very knowledgeable in regards to the Mortgage Industry at SWMC. They are very professional in relation to taxes, titles and other aspects to each customers accounts and are very courteous on the telephone when an issue may arise or how they are trained to handle a dispute if that issue occurred. I believe Sun West Mortgage is an outstanding company which is better than any other bank in the United States. " - Edward L. *************************
"We just transitioned and it was smooth and seamless. Looking forward to a great partnership SunWest. " - Gus H. ********************
"Have had nothing but good experiences in dealing with Sun West so far. " - Virginia L. *************************
"My dealings with Hope L. have been Excellent. Hope is always on top of the process, and always lets me know what I need to do, in a timely manner. " - David C. *************************
"No experience with Sun West in past. However, they make it very easy to setup my payment plans " - Annette B. ********************
"I never had an issue with Sunwest. Every time I called I was handled professionally and quick. Never a long wait and always able to handle an issues I had. " - Jasniel C. *************************
"OMG she was so helpful. She knew her job, took a lot of stress off me. " - Jerri H. *************************
"Your customer service is excellent! Every issue I have had has been resolved timely. Thank you so much! " - John D. *************************
"Though I am a new member, thus far my experience with Sun West has been top notch! They called to make sure I understood everything, and the online setup was fast and easy. " - Jonathan L. *************************
"THUS FAR, EXCELLENT!! " - William H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Philip L.
"We are so impressed with the professionalism of Sun West Mortgage and have told many of our friends. Why go anywhere else. Great job!! " - DennisandPatti C. *************************
"Very easy process, easy to work with the folks at swmc. Thanks everyone! " - Diane O. *************************
"Becky was great. She was very patient with us in working through the VA process for our first time. This is our second time working with SunWest and although we likely will not need their services again, we would not hesitate to recommend them to someone else. " - Clinton C. *************************
"Easiest mortgage refinance company we have dealt with. They are there every step and care about their customers " - Heather P. *************************
"Great experience. Extremely responsive, pleasant and patient team to work with getting through it. " - Mark L. *************************
"Very professional, Ms. Frances O. " - Miguel D. *************************
"Very efficient " - John T. ********************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Jeff H.
"Chris L. was by far the best loan coordinator a new homeowner could ask for. His determination and dedication in getting me into my first home was phenomenal and beyond helpful. I would highly recommend his assistance to anyone looking for the best rates and service." - Melody C.
"Everyone did a great job on this one :)" - Angela C.
"Thank you Duane P." - Michele R.
"Great experience" - Debra G. *************************
"Everything is fine" - Sue V. *************************
"I was having difficulty with a refinance funding on time and had to make a last minute payment while traveling from my smart phone. Megan W. took my call for help on a Saturday evening and made it possible to complete the payment. I thought what she did saved my credit, late charges and went way above the call of duty. I'm very thankful that Sun West has employees like Megan who really care." - Charles L. *************************
"You have been very helpful, patient and understanding with our current financial problem. We appreciate all your help. Thank You" - Mark S. *************************
"My interactions with Mr. Capaz and Ms. Krenek have always been very pleasant and cordial." - Alan W. *************************
"Both Jose P. and Hope L. have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me." - David C. *************************
"I am a new customer with SWMC and so far I have been receiving great service. I have been dealing with Loan Officer, Jose P. and Hope L. Relations Manager, and they have been great. Loan has not yet close but so far it's going good." - Jason M. *************************
"I have had no problem what so ever with this mortgage co. sun west has treated me well thank you" - Michael R. *************************
"Good to know that you receive a confirmation email that you have received the documents." - Shavona B. *************************
"My experience with the Privacy Request/Opt Out was very easy and quick. All business should be this convenient!" - Gerald K. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Leslie M.
"I have never had any problems with customer service or the bank in general." - Randee H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Alice R.
"Prompt, courteous service from John Z, LaShawn B, Danielle H and Nicole L. It's people like you that make the world a better place to do business with. Awesome experience, thank you!!!" - Cindy B. *************************
"This has truly been one of my best experiences thus far each person I spoke with was very professional I appreciated the welcoming call I received to welcome me thank you" - Valerie M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Anthony S.
"Great offers" - Valerie H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Sue O.
"Excellent" - Benjamin P. *************************
"Sun West has been awesome" - Dewain E. ********************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Tyrone M.
"I am completely satisfied with the service that I received and would like to especially Thank Roxanne B. for all her help and hard work." - David O. *************************
"Both Mr. Rivera and Ms. Carpenter appear to be very professional and the most helpful as I am not very computer savvy. I look forward to working with both to finish the process of refinancing my mortgage." - Mark K. *************************
"What I like the best is the ability to be able to log in and make my payments without having to pay a fee. Thank you Sun West for your customer friendly staff as well." - Laverna C. ********************
"I worked with Mr. Steve E...... and we together completed what I needed to do to get this re-fi completed." - Marvin B. *************************
"Very Thorough and pleasant" - Pam S. ********************
"Very grateful to Edwin A. very professional and diligent to us. I recommend it to 110%" - Jeanette G.
"It was a pleasure of doing business at steady pace of making all my needs were met. I didn't see anything that needs to be improve at the moment. I am a happy customer and would refer this company to anyone who is looking for decent customer service and satisfaction." - Korey W.
"I have used Sunwest mortgage once before. It was great the first time so I came back. The team that you work with go out of there way to make sure you know what is going on at all times. They keep you very informed. I highly recommend this company. Bob" - Robert S.
"everyone did a great job on this and we were done a few days ahead of closing!" - Angela C.
"Ed was available every time I needed him which was very helpful. Turns out majority of my closing issues was with my own processor. I appreciate everything Sunwest did to get this loan closed." - Jeff D.
"From Submission to Close, the file went as expected in time and underwriting. No issues. Solid." - Daniel S.
"Was a VA manual underwrite, so a challenging loan on all sides. SWMC did a very good job, and Mike S. (our AE) was outstanding. Best experience I've had with SW and will be sending more loans to SWMC due to this most recent positive experience." - Bryan M.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Francis M.
"SWMC staff were amazing. Sonia G. deserves special praise. I was out of the country at the time of processing and she stepped up big time. Kudos and thanks to all!!!" - Matthew H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Lynda D.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - John C.
"I needed a first payment document and Ms. Robles was awesome!!" - Tai O. *************************
"Reps were very helpful and the process was easy." - Doreen P. *************************
"Very good" - Rhonda M. ********************
"Great Company" - Ryan D. *************************
"Excellent customer service. Extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of her position/job." - Josephine A. *************************
"Always a positive experience when I email SunWest. Quick responses that are courteous and informative and that to me is everything!" - Joe H. *************************
"So far all is well and great" - Deodato L. *************************
"Sunwest has been the easiest mortgage company to deal with. They answer all questions and make sure the is no misconception on anything. I will recommend Sunwest Mortgage to everyone." - Gregory D. *************************
"Quick service and a competitive re-fi. A+" - William S. *************************
"Thank you for following through with my tax check to the county for my property" - Fred I. ********************
"Very nice staff and easy to understand website." - Walter H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Sammy R.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - John W.
"Best service ever!" - Wanda S. *************************
"Thus far everything is fine. I don't forsee any sort of adversities." - Louis G. *************************
"Excellent experience." - Harris S. *************************
"Have been very helpful whenever I have called. Customer service is excellent." - Celina T. *************************
"Fernando is very good." - Julissan M. *************************
"Excellent" - Edward J. *************************
"Easy to work with" - Melanie M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Victor P.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Nimret S.
"Your team was very effective. Thank you." - Murray P. *************************
"Steve V. is a great asset to your company. He is always so helpful and professional. He always returns my phone calls right away. It's been a seamless experience doing my recent VA refi. Because of Steve's stellar work ethic. Thank you" - Stephanie F. *************************
"We just got our home refinanced with SunWest and had competitive rates and an easy transition." - Natalie B. *************************
"Everything was very easy to do compared to the other times that I refinanced. I recommend this company to all my friends and relatives." - Joseph T. *************************
"Information received was in a timely manner and very professional." - Dean W. *************************
"This year I have had great experiences with Sunwest becoming one of its clients" - Augusto P. *************************
"We are relatively new clients. They seems pro active and involved and focused on details. So far, So good." - Robert S. *************************
"very user friendly" - Patricia D. *************************
"Your representative Berniece has been awesome. I told her of the problems that we were having and she has passed the word on to her superior. Today we received a copy of the disclosure. Great work." - Mary O. *************************
"I am very happy with SW customer service." - Rameil J. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Michael T.
"Great Mortgage Company! Efficient and seamless process." - Ricardo A. *************************
"smooth process from start to the closing so keep up the good work guys! " - Terry
"Good Service SWMC, despite a difficult and uninformed Seller " - Donald P.
"Alain A. and support staff Deanna were all fantastic, very professional, quick to response, friendly demeanor, and a pleasure to work with. " - Carolyn T.
"Outstanding Job! Dear SWMC Organization, You are very lucky to have a team of individuals working toward a common goal of serving your families and affecting their lives in a piece of the American dream. Well you did that with our re fi the job well done above and beyond the norm. In a world as crazy and fast as it is, time is always taken to complain but seldom taken to give the appreciation deserved. The following team members i came in contact with are to be commended. Cynthia L. Carmen C. Leila H. was an angel in the lead. The docsign process is great, as a U.S. Navy veteran and civil servant for over three decades I thank you and wish all a Happy New Year! " - William L.
"Without Wanda and Edroy I don't think half of the loans would get closed. They are truly an asset to your company. Thank You again Sunwest. " - Lawrence A.
"smooth process all the way around, Mark H. & Jenn F. make an excellent team -​ ​Jenn rocks and really stays on top of files. " - Jan H.
"everyone was helpful. there was never any confusion on our end. this was by far the smoothest mortgage transaction we've ever been apart of. " - Louis B.
"Thanks Erica H. " - Calvin H.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Ursula B.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Charlotte S.
"In speaking to Dana G. I was very satisfied wit the information he mentioned and with his very accomplished customer service manner. Thank you Dana. " - Daniel G. *************************
"Excellent and knowledgeable service, as well as great response time on any questions I have had. " - David C. *************************
"Answered my question in a timely manner. " - Brian R. *************************
"Pretty good for the most part. Recently there was some confusion surrounding my escrow account getting the homeowners insurance paid timely. " - Jamar L. ********************
"Malissa O. was magnificent. She was personable and professional and took the time to understand what was important to me and for my family and gave us the menu of options and products that were suited to our needs. Malissa and Sonia M. were both highly responsive and supportive guides through the process, they should be managing and training their coworkers because they have both mastered their craft. " - Bradley V. *************************
"Everything went just fine " - Lewis H. *************************
"I was easily able to set up automatic payments on your site and navigate to find answers to all my questions. " - Paul R. *************************
"Overall experience was good. Really appreciated the Ed was available every time I needed him. " - Jeff D. *************************
"rep was very knowledgeable, polite and manners able she explained the process and answered all my questions. " - Cornel B. *************************
"Great service! All three refi's have gone over without any issues!! " - Scott W. *************************
"i am very satisfy with the service i received from all of you Thank you so much yo all of you " - Juan L. *************************
"Gracias buena " - LuzDenise C. ********************
"Absolutely the best service and easy to get my loan. Very professional and made it easy to get things done. " - Harold P. *************************
"Great service " - Nelson V. *************************
"I just got a new loan and the interest rate is good. The customer service is great and very professional with no rushing. " - William J. *************************
"Great ease of use for online payments " - Chad A. *************************
"I am pleased with the fact that Sun West Mortgage Company helped me to stay with them and get a lower interest. I had contact with my loan officer all through the process. Thank You " - Vickie L. *************************
"Very courteous " - Martin K. ********************
"She was most helpful, polite and professional. " - John H. *************************
"We worked mostly with Uriel R. He is very professional, knowledgable, and answered all our questions in a timely period. " - Penny S. *************************
"Sunwest has been easy to work with. They go out of there way to make sure the process is easy and understood. I have been very happy to work with. Thank you so much Bob S. " - Robert S. *************************
"I recently refinanced my home with Sunwest Mortgage. It was a pleasant experience because it was quick, smooth and most importantly I am saving money on my new loan. Thank you for a great experience. " - William S. *************************
"Your immediate response to this matter was greatly appreciated. when speaking to your representatives i found them helpful and courteous. thank you " - Harvey B. *************************
"The response I received was quick " - Courtney H. *************************
"Service was quick and efficient. Very good customer service. Thank you for all you have done for me... " - Holly S. *************************
"Great job " - Caroline P. *************************
"Any questions were answered immediately " - Lionel M.
"Erica is the perfect associate " - Lavenski S.
"Uriel R. very knowledgeable and helpful during the whole process​. " - Penny S.
"I want to thank Mr. Uriel R. for calling and making the offer to refinance and his support throughout the entire process. I also have to thank Ms. Ariel S. for her great assistance throughout resolving conditions. " - LeRoy H Jr.
"​​Jenn F. keeps on point with the file status, Mark H. is great at helping in a crunch and with restructuring to make the loan work. " - Jannette H.
"Very Satisfied " - Barry E.
"Very fast service. " - James C.
"It has been a pleasure doing business with you " - Annette L.
"I would like to thank and commend Nicole L. relationship manager along with Dana G. Loan Officer. They are both exceptional employees however, I would like to say that Nicole is amazing. She is wonderful to work with and gets the results the customer looks to obtain. " - Santiago C.
"Excellent work. " - Moises P.
"Della, I truly appreciate both of your assistance and patience with my refi and hope your holiday is fantastic. " - Patricia C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Glenn M.
"Great Service ­" - Jose D. *************************
"Excellent service. Very professional, great and friendly people to work with. Special thanks to Alain A. and Deanna H. ­" - Fadil H. *************************
"Everyone has rendered exceptional service. We appreciate their professionalism, knowledge and helpfulness with a smile. Thank you Sun West for everything! ­" - Joe A. *************************
"This is my 1st contact w/ Robin. Easy to talk with. Hoping we will soon have more contacts. Thanx Robin" - Diana Y. *************************
"Very satisfied. Customer service representative very knowledgeable." - Robert P. *************************
"It has been a pleasant and fast experience. Excellent service. ­" - Linnette R. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Tacy N.
"The process was easy ­" - James H. ********************
"Experience has been great - Kari does a nice job of communicating and keeping me involved in the process.. " - Brent E. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Joyce A.
"All of sunWest associates have been very courteous and very helpful " - Barbara T. *************************
"Jairus and Della were great! " - Robert L. *************************
"Lily provided me with outstanding service " - Marian E. *************************
"Sunwest went over and above to get the correct information to me, on the first try. Great group of support people. ­" - John Y. *************************
"Quick and easy loan process, Thanks " - Stephen G. *************************
"very courteous, professional. " - Regine M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Robert P.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Karan S.
"I am very satisfied with your services and thank you for your help ­" - Eddie S. *************************
"New customer so far I'm happy with the interactions with the staff. thanks ­" - Steve S. *************************
"We are very satisfied with our refinance, we dealt with professionals all the way! ­" - John F. *************************
"Team is thorough in ensuring that all document requirements are correct and complete. Process still in progress. ­" - Josephine J. *************************
"My loan team of Leland T. and Hope L. were the only reason that my loan experience was successful and for the most part pleasant. I would rate them both at the rock star level, they both deserve a promotion and a salary increase !!!!!! ­" - Frank M. *************************
"Uriel is a true professional. He explains everything in ways that makes it understanding. He is a credit to SunWest. ­" - Charles D. *************************
"Good morning, I wanted to write a little note to you explaining how we feel about the service we have been given by Sunwest. Although Steve V. has been very nice and helpful to use, your loan processor, Kellie D., has been AMAZING!! Going through a re-finance can be incredibly stressful on the borrower. You are always "waiting to hear" and going back and forth. In the past, the processors have been fine, but just doing their basic job. Not in this case. Kellie has been not only incredibly helpful, she has responded to me immediately whether it is a phone call or an email. It's like I have been her only client to work with! And, I can tell, she has done it with a smile on her face as I have heard it in her voice. She has been knowledgeable in answering any question that I have and I thing she honestly "gets" how challenging it has been for me, and my stress levels, and has done everything possible to make the process easy and simple. I have felt like I have had a friend holding my hand every day while this is going on. If this is the kind of customer service I can expect from your company, then there is no reason I would ever leave! I think every person in her position should sit with her for a day to truly see how they can remember that it's all about service. She is remarkable and wonderful and I am truly grateful for all of her help and guidance. Thank you so much for assigning us to someone who made this easy and low stress. I feel so very taken care of. Employee of the month...or the YEAR, as far as we are concerned. Well done in hiring this phenomenal young lady. Thank you, truly, from the bottom of our hearts. " - Mary S.
"Nicole, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience in obtaining the results I received. You're great to work with and deserve the best life has to offer. I will miss the experience but above all I will miss that voice of yours. It's calm and soothing and could be heard all day. Enjoy the upcoming holidays alongside your family and loved ones and as I've stated before continue to be awesome.. " - Santi C.
"ERICA H. WAS AWESOME! " - Calvin H.
"Excellent work. " - Moises P.
"All be good. " - Ignacio R.
"This was the fastest and easiest refi we have ever done! Thank you! " - Lisa B.
"My wife and I were very surprised how smoothly the process took place. We are very happy and satisfied with SunWest. Thank you " - Peter V.
"I'm writing you regarding my experience with refinancing my loan through Sunwest. Although Sunwest is my current mortgage holder, I am compelled to write regarding the service I have received. Continuing, I would like to say that the team I worked with was Awesome. I would like to give special thanks to Kellie D. for her timeless effort in ensuring that the deal was completed in a timely manner. Kellie was quick to respond when I had questions or needed clarification. She made me feel like I was her only client and nothing else came before me. This confirmed that Sunwest is really the company I need to be a part of. Finally, thank you Steve V. and Kellie D. You are a great team! " - Damon P.
"Estoy sumamente agradecida con la participación de Jazmin F. por hacer posible que se cerrara el caso, y por tener la ​​paciencia. " - Shyrene R.
"Great experience overall " - Letty T.
"Robin went above and beyond to help me get my house refinanced when no one else was willing to do it. I will recommend him and Sun West to anyone I hear discussing a home loan. I couldn't be happier. " - Susan P.
"Vanessa was very helpful and I look forward to working with her more. ­" - Linda T. *************************
"Very courteous and thorough. ­" - Surina A. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Terri T.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Joseph G.
"My issue was handled quickly & professionally. Top notch service. SWMC has lived up to all my expectations. ­" - Michael H. *************************
"The customer service with sunwest mortgage has been a very good experience. I rarely need to phone in but when I have I am treated with such professionalism. Keep up the good work! ­" - Elis C. *************************
"Happy to have my mortgage with SunWest, flawless experience all around. Couldn't ask for anything smoother! ­" - Wayne R. *************************
"I have found working with SunWest to be easy. Thank you. ­" - Pamela D. *************************
"Easy to work with and all items on time and easy to understand ­" - Robert C. *************************
"Great customer service." ­" - Chad M. ********************
"I am so happy to have switched to SunWest. Customer service has been quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with. The process has been smooth, the communication was prompt and concise and the website is easy to navigate. ­" - Linda B. *************************
"Totally awesome!! ­" - Ronald T. *************************
"I love all of the detail available to me on the website! This is not something you see available to borrowers by most mortgage servicers. I work in the mortgage industry - this is a far superior site. ­" - Julie O. *************************
"Cameron P. and Della D. were fantastic in renewing my faith. The process was very easy and managed much better than my past experience. I will be recommending SunWest Mortgage to all. ­" - Patricia C. *************************
"Progress was fast and concise.. and I appreciate the communication and feedback.. " - Joyce V. *************************
"I never heard about Sun West Mortgage Company until a broker introduced me to it and I was surprised to see that this company beats them all including the big names in the business. My refinance was done without any hiccup from start to finish with great terms and at the best rate ever. " - Samuel S. *************************
"We purchased our home in March of 2016. We have not had any problems with the company. We are pleased. " - Patrice K. ********************
"Great way to get paperwork done " - Samuel B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Abigail L.
"Melanie was Very helpful and patient ­" - Helen K. *************************
"The staff at Sun West are some of the best! Always replying quickly and having the answers. ­" - David C. *************************
"Sarah has been fantastic with follow up and is always very helpful! " - Candace M. *************************
"I Just want to Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of owning a Home and I will recommend you to my family and friend . " - Lyndis C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Lance N.
"I have had very good experience with contacting Sun West and getting the questions that I need answered. I never have to wait long and the service representatives are always very professional. " - Kathy S. *************************
"I refinanced my VA MORTGAGE with Sun West in 2015 and it quick and efficient. I have been very pleased. ­" - Janae S. *************************
"Excellent service from everyone working on the loan and done in record time. Completely painless. Thank you. ­" - Steven S. *************************
"Kevin L. provides friendly and efficient service. He is a true professional. As a Realtor, I can always be confident that Kevin will serve my clients best interest well. Sunwest is blessed to have Kevin L. representing them. He is a true asset to my customers, my career as a Realtor and those he serves. another Job well done!!! ­" - Bob I. *************************
"Good ­" - Timothy C. ********************
"Great communication, timely and thorough. ­" - Wesley F. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Ron P.
"Excellent" - David H. *************************
"Shirla is doing a great job. She is very pleasant, helpful & knowledgeable. " - Alan G.
"All is well! " - Sandee W.
"Everyone did a excellent job " - Angela C.
"I just want to commend Ms. Kellie D. for her professionalism and kindness during our mortgage application. She has been without a doubt very well versed in the process and knows how to handle important matters. We were very pleased with her performance on our account. Thank you Kellie. " - Ellen H.
"We thank you all very much for making this mortgage and closing process very smooth for us. We very much appreciate all working together and getting this done. " - Jojo T.
"Your staff’s been wonderful to work with….very professional and friendly. I would recommend SUNWEST to anyone who is thinking about re-financing their home. It has been my pleasure and thank you very much. " - Ike C.
"Best experience I have ever had dealing with any company at all! Excellent communication, professional warm friendly staff, extremely helpful customer service, and a great loan rate! " - Margaret M.
"This company is the best. Honest, trustworthy and fast. So happy to have had them refinance my mortgage. Thank you Sunwest. " - Kyaien C. *************************
"Got our loan done in a timely matter, and very professional and friendly customer service. Like the website and service so far! " - Lisa E. ********************
"Excellent " - Danny J. *************************
"I want to express my gratitude for the professionalism of one of your employees Catherine L. Catherine took her valuable time and patience to clear all the doubts that I had. In Catherine Sun West has a great asset I wish her all the best. She is great God bless her Merry Christmas & Happy New Year " - Jose M. *************************
"I like the electronic process. everyone was great to work with, timely, efficient, etc. ­" - Judy H. *************************
"Their customer service is great. Customer service makes you feel like they want to help you. The website for payment is user friendly. I would recommend to someone else. ­" - Herbert S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Frank A.
"Everything seems to be going fine Thanks. ­" - Benjamin N. *************************
"So far so good Ben has been extremely helpful structuring a mortgage that works for me. We are not completed yet but with the service so far I have good feelings working with Ben. Thank You " - Rick H. *************************
"Great! " - Sandee W. *************************
"Excellent service! All customer service representatives are knowledgeable and caring. ­" - Carey H. *************************
"Very pleased with service rendered by your agent Thomas C. He is friendly, knowledgeable and conscientious about follow-up on anything that needs attention. Give him high marks ­" - Bertram L. *************************
"Great " - Roy M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Aman B.
"So far so good. ­" - Clifford S. ********************
"Working with Roxanne B. and the other staff members of Sunwest mortgage was a wonderful experience for us. This was our first home purchase and she helpfully and professionally guided us through the process. We honestly feel we would not have been able to get through everything without her and are so grateful for your services. Thank you for everything! ­" - Kyle&Lisa K. *************************
"Thank you for giving me the help I need. ­" - Jose L. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Pam B.
"Very easy to work with and overall felt really satisfied with the rates and service we received. ­" - Nonilyn C. *************************
"I recently completed a refinance of a jumbo VA loan with Sun West through Malissa O. Malissa provided me advice and guidance on processing a 2.75% loan for my jumbo loan refinance. I was very impressed with her knowledge, personal touch, and organizational skills as she guided me through the process which included answering a lot of my questions via phone and email. I am very satisfied with my loan and want to thank Sun West for having Malissa on their staff. I have had VA loans for over 20 years and refinanced them many times. Malissa is the finest loan officer I have ever known in all these years of using my VA benefit. Thank you for Malissa's support to getting me such a great loan rate with no stress or delays." ­" - Terrance C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Robert F.
"I like the paperless billing.­" - Alfons Y. *************************
"Very pleased with the level of service provided by Jennifer and her team. ­" - Rick D. *************************
"The best mortgage rate I have had since purchasing my home. I now experience payment online which makes it very easy and convenience for me and my mortgage company. Thank you very much. ­" - Charles G. *************************
"All individuals involved were very kind, professional, answered all my questions. I appreciated the way it all flowed together so very well. My husband took great honor in serving his country. Thanks for all the help!! " - Kathy T. *************************
"Fast and easy. People were very nice to work with. Excellent service. " - Kenneth M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - John G.
"I'm satisfied " - Maria P. *************************
"Dagamra is very helpful on all matters and has been for as long as I have worked with her, she is very thorough and prompt with the responses and always goes above and beyond to help. " - Blake S. *************************
"So far a great experience. ­" - Nicholas M. *************************
"We had a problem refinancing with other mortgage companies that were too restricted by their inflexible policy enforcement. Sun West seemed more concerned with working around the problem and provided a new loan with unexpected benefits. ­" - Armond E. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Dawn M.
"When I refinanced and was going to be under Sun West, I was wary since I had never heard of this company; however, I have been pleasantly surprised over the past year and am very happy with them!! I hope they remain my mortgage company for the life of my loan and will turn to them when I need other mortgage options. " - Tara P. *************************
"Helpful and understanding during refi process. excellent service. website is easy to use. would recommend to anyone in search of financing options. " - Joseph C. *************************
"We have only been with swmc for 2 months, they have been wonderful. " - Vilmir I. *************************
"I called one time and requested for assistance for online access. The associate was very patient and walked me through step by step until I was able to access my account. Thanks to her! I felt the commitment to help and making the experience as painless to the user. ­" - Evelyn B. ********************
"My first mortgage payment went really smoothly, their website was easy to navigate. ­" - Autumn B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Michael C.
"This is one AAA professional company. Every person I called or dealt with was polite, knowledgeable and genuinely caring. I would use them again for sure simply because there are no hidden fees or costs. Just a good old clean mortgage company. THX. ­" - Sami H. *************************
"This is the first time I've used the online service. So far I am very pleased with the overall quality service SunWest provides. I've had nothing but pleasant phone interactions with the representatives who have helped me with my transactions. I look forward to continuing my personal business with them Thank you.. ­" - Erick S. *************************
"Great assistance from the team from start to finish but especially to Dana G. thanks. ­" - Eufronio A. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - William M.
"I started working with Uriel who initiated the call to see if I was interested in refinancing for a lower interest rate. I explained that my husband passed away in June of 2015 and he said as long as I had been making the payments for the last 6 months it should not be an issue. However, I might need to send copies of the bank statements. He was absolutely correct. I am now working with Naiomy and it looks like we might be in the last stages of the refinance. I have received an email with conditional approval and now just waiting for finalization. It was a pleasure working with Uriel. He was witty and very nice to talk with. Naiomy has been very responsive and helpful. I am looking forward to completing the process. Thank you all. ­" - Deborah B. *************************
"Everything went fine. ­" - William M. *************************
"The team was very professional. Even when our main point of contact was out of the office, the replacement had all the information and did not drop a beat. Very impressed. Thanks! " - Clayton D.
"Everything was excellent, just keep it up. " - Anibal M.
"Jenn, just wanted to say that I think both you and Dee have been doing a super amazing job as our reps at Sun West! We hope nothing changes :) " - Jarom W.
"Wanda: You have been a jewel for us. You have been extremely helpful to us for info. it was hard to get till we met you. We wish you and your family a very Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous new year Thank u again for your help Al/Emily. Ps: If you are ever close to our area please contact us we would be happy to accommodate you and whoever is with u. " - Albert B.
"THANK YOU ERICA H. " - Calvin H.
"​​Best experience we have had. Excellent work! " - Janea B.
"Very good thank you " - Richard E.
"Very nice working with Sunwest " - Allen W.
"Overall great. " - Letty T.
"I believe everyone does their task to make the whole group work with a special cooperation of the leader " - Jaime F.
"I did not have any negative experiences or problem areas during the entire process. " - Kenneth A.
"This went very smoothly " - Ann B.
"Excellent service. " - Elias V.
"Team was thorough and ​​deliberate in all requests for documents and information. Were able to make owning a home with my VA loan a reality when many said NO. Thank you Sun West Mortgage team, RoseMarie, Shirla and their supporting team were awesome may them and their families be Blessed " - Justin S.
"Angelica is the Best " - William S.
"This one was a smooth process all the way through! " - Angela C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Michael C.
"So happy I went with Sun West Mortgage. I have had nothing but great experiences. Customer service was superb, and making a payment online is flawless. " - Jesus P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Jesus N.
"Very pleased, keep it up Thanks, " - Alan G. *************************
"You are awesome " - Petronella H. *************************
"Great experience , very nice experience from beginning to the end. ­" - Tirado O. *************************
"Very pleased! ­" - Leo S. *************************
"Excellent service very nice experience. ­" - James F. *************************
"People very nice and helpful. " - Gloria S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Theresa J.
"Again, I am so thankful that SunWest has Erica. She is excellent at handling her job with a wonderful personal touch...and handling me, which is a full time job in itself! " - Lyn W. *************************
"My experience with your Loan Processing team was delightful. Their level of experience and attention to detail was second to none. They are professional and very helpful in all areas. It is a pleasure to work with them and they ensure that all of their customers WANT to stay with Sun West Mortgage Company ­" - Wendell C. *************************
"I am soooo impressed with the service! I could not have imagined that the process could be this fast and smooth. Excellent communication, professional warm friendly staff, and fast fast service. Thank you Robert V. and associates! I would recommend you to anyone at any time. ­" - Margaret M. *************************
"Irma was very helpful on the phone and very quick to respond to my email. Thanks!! " - Terri F. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Marina S.
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - David K.
"Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. ­" - Alan G. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Ngima P.
"Its Okay ­" - Raymond J. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Jim R.
"Great service ­" - Obed P. *************************
"Overall experience was good. ­" - Timothy A. ********************
"This refinance went very smooth and closed without any issues! Thanks" ­" - Kellylynn S. *************************
"GREAT! ­" - Eleanor B. *************************
"Very easy to go through. ­" - Gloria S. *************************
"I have been very pleased with my experience with Sun West Mortgage Company. The online payment system makes it very easy to make monthly payments and keep up to date with my account. " - John H. *************************
"To Whom it May concern, I am so happy to come back to Sun West Mortgage. I am so please with my loan officer Robert V. He has been with me and my family through the tough times. Due to unnecessary complicated errors made by the sellers escrow company. This refinance was a tough one. However, Robert was able to figure everything out. Robert with his skills and knowledge made this refinance a success for me. I thank God for Sun West Mortgage and Robert V. God Bless You All, and Thank you for your excellent service to me and others like me. " - Lenora B. *************************
"Easy to navigate website, received good rate for my refi. " - Patricia C. ********************
"Sun West gets a thumbs up all the way. Their great service customer service agents are right on, know their stuff gets you to the right person you need to talk to and have a great attitude. If I could give them 10 rating I would ­" - Janice F. *************************
"Wonderful customer service!! Have been with the company for a while now and have had zero hiccups or issues of any kind. ­" - Heather S. *************************
"Good. Excellent and fast service. " - Glorimar O. *************************
"The process was quick and easy " - William O. *************************
"Sun West has made my mortgage experience a great one. Not only did my refinance go through fast and easy but Sun West has been great at communicating with me in regards to my payment options and available options through Sun West. Grateful to have found a great mortgage company to do business with. " - Roberto V. *************************
"Everybody I spoke to was very cooperative and everything seemed to go quite smoothly. So far we are quite satisfied as we move along. ­" - Terry Z. *************************
"Service is great! ­" - Cole W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Ray B.
"Great rates easy to work with. ­" - William S. ********************
"It has been a very pleasant experience dealing with the people at SunWest Mortgage Co. !! Thank You. ­" - John F. *************************
"The service at Sun West has always been exceptional" ­" - Newton R. *************************
"Sunwest has been very easy to work with and the website is simple to use. ­" - Yvonne B. *************************
"Great Company. Fast and on time. Glad we refinanced with them. ­" - Dean O. *************************
"Rosemarie M. and Jessyvet R. were very thorough and answered all my questions, even when I asked them twice. It was really very smooth and they were both professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to speak with. " - Kimberly D.
"Angie G. is OUTSTANDING!! Always excellent and goes above and beyond consistently! " - Mindy M.
"Eva C. is excellent and very proficient. " - Leddy C.
"La persona que me atendio evidenció excelente calidad humana en todo momento (gracias Sr. Paniagua).Me facilitaron todas las gestiones en la sucursal más cerca de mi hogar, aunque me ofrecieron visitar el hogar. Excelente Banco SUNWEST. Todos sus productos son adecuados porque están respaldados por su excelente personal. " - Carlos R.
"Bernice gave an excellent work giving me great feedback of status of the loan, very friendly and seems motivated on doing a great job! " - Richard V.
"this went very smooth. Wanda did an excellent job on staying on top of this file :) " - Angela C.
"Every step was very easy and want to thank your team for a job well done " - Felix D.
"Robin K. did an amazing job with my entire loan process. She went above and beyond helping me fully understand the benefits of a reverse mortgage and how it helped me get the money I needed to live comfortably. " - Celeste C.
"Wand and Edroy always take care of my companies loans. Thank You again. " - Lawrence A.
"I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to the Team at SunWest. The refi process I just went through as guided by Kellie D. was one of the easiest procedures I have endured. Anytime anything came up, from a curve ball out of left field to standard questions and concerns Kellie was on top of it with the right answers each time. Thanks for making this easy in a world of sometimes it's just too hard to do. Kellie is what makes customers use the phrase Exceptional Experience in a business climate of mediocrity, thanks and will recommend Sunwest to friends and family because of the experience. " - Ken R.
"Exceptional!! " - Willie G. *************************
"Great " - Angela D. *************************
"For the first time ever, I love calling customer service. I hate to say this, but it would be nice if I had a problem so I could call them again. You should open a customer service school for other companies to learn how REAL customer service is supposed to be. " - Nicholas B. *************************
"Excellent website and customer service. Very positive experience. " - Curtis F. *************************
"Simple but very efficient and detailed website. Everything that you need to know about your loan in one page. " - Julio V. *************************
"This was a very easy transaction. The excellent Sun West staff was helpful and professional and was a guiding hand throughout the process. " - William H. *************************
"When my loan was sold to SWMC, I received a courtesy/welcome call which was unexpected but also appreciated. I have not experienced that before with another mortgage provider. As well, the website is easy to use and navigate. So far I'm enjoying the service being provided. Thanks! " - Vanessa H. *************************
"Excellent service so far " - Amanda R. *************************
"Section transaction went very smooth was impressed with the complete detail to every paragraph it was great working with you and with Tom B., it was wonderful experience " - Dennis D. *************************
"GREAT SERVICE " - Amy M. *************************
"Great company to do business with " - Alonso V. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Russell G.
"Great customer service. " - Lee F. *************************
"Web site is quick and easy...easy to check your mortgage and customer service is great..­ " - Joseph L. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Catherine I.
"No complaints. Everything and all the people were very professional. Thanks to all who were involved with my loan. " - Markel L. *************************
"Thank you very helpful­ " - Krystle P. *************************
"Exceptional­ " - David B. *************************
"OVERALL I HAVE HAD GOOD EXPERIENCE " - Niulbis P. *************************
"Had a loan question with a response by SW the next morning. Good service. " - Eugene H. *************************
"Real great job ­" - Earl P. *************************
"Thanks to everyone who helped my wife and I on closing out, our VA loan professional and on time, have a blessed day. ­" - Arthur J. *************************
"Love the website! Navigation is simple and easy to use. ­" - Ruben O. *************************
"Really easy to register ­" - Humberto S. *************************
"Excellent service, Tonya showed outstanding and swift customer service. I will recommend. ­" - Robert E. *************************
"As of today, this loan application is the smoothest I have seen. The loan officer and his assistant are very considerate and kind. Very helpful. Thanks for the good work. " - Alex A. *************************
"I like the interest rate they give me on my loan. " - Rene R. *************************
"Great " - Richard E. *************************
"Great service " - Adrienne A. *************************
"Good Experience! " - Adam G. *************************
"Excellent customer service! " - Lupe L. *************************
"Very efficient and professional ­" - Ronald W. ********************
"Great easy refinance experience. Certainly prefer Sun West. Thanks! ­" - Sandy I. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Mark D.
"Thank you! ­" - Thomas H. *************************
"Overall the service is outstanding ­" - Jose M. *************************
"Wonderful staff, made the loan process quick and easy, thank You ­" - Nancy P. *************************
"Great ­" - Jacqueline B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Steve A.
"I am very satisfied with how I have been treated. ­" - Joseph N. *************************
"Keep up the good work!! ­" - Rodney M. ********************
"Verenice did a great job for the most part of communicating. Doc drawing and funding went very quickly. Thank you " - Jeff L.
"Was a good experience " - Ernest S.
"Your team guided me through making this a smooth process. Thanks " - Tony M.
"Very satisfied " - Alfred P.
"Thank you for your help in getting this to closing! " - Phil B.
"Good experience. " - Jose R.
"Thank you Erica H. " - Calvin H.
"As always Roxanne B. was terrific. Her Communication with me and my client was and always is superb. " - Michael C.
"Thank you for getting the buyer to closing " - Melissa P.
"Another extraordinary round of service from Angelica G. and team. I cannot commend you all enough. Angie is quick to address all concerns and issues which makes Sun West by far my favorite lender to work with. Thank you Angie, " - Jonathan H.
"Timely and correct to all my requests!! " - Donnie B. *************************
"I was very pleased. Everything thing went very smoothly. Timelines were kept or I was contacted in a timely manner with explanation, my options and the new plan/adjustment. " - Perryne T. *************************
"My best experience was with Carmen C. Can't say I was thrilled till I met her. . Amazing done totally on the phone and her sparkling personality still came through. Thank you Carmen . I wish you the best in everything you do. What a sweetheart. " - Mary F. *************************
"Overall great experience with this company, currently refinancing my home and it has been a positive experience. " - Jared S. *************************
"Ana C. was very helpful and Emailed my request within 20 minutes of our contact. An excellent employee who should be commended for her assistance.. " - Ralph A. *************************
"Quick, easy and Cameron's knowledge and assistance during the process was exceptional. " - Robert M. *************************
"Fast, simple process from initiation to closing. All personnel involved were very helpful and professional. " - Gordon R. ********************
"Service was good and very useful. The advice given by the Sun West staff enabled me to get through the loan process quickly and easily.­ " - Arnold S. ********************
"Erica is great about keeping us informed when she is given information or if there is an issue with the system that is causing her to not be able to get into our account. We appreciate Erica very much...she is a good listener too.­ " - Lyn W. *************************
"I've had nothing but a great experience with Sun West Mortgage, the website is so easy to navigate and the customer service is amazing! Thank you­ " - Tina W. *************************
"So far so good. We are now starting escrow­ " - Dale B. *************************
"Fast service :) " - Michelle J. *************************
"Exceptional customer service...with our previous mortgage co. it was difficult to get thru to customer service and actually get an answer back to our questions...sunwest has been awesome in explaining anything we might need clarification on quick and efficiently.... " - Cynthia J. *************************
"Jen D. is so pleasant to work with, she's always going that extra mile, without ever being asked ... it's just automatic with her. love you, Jen ­" - Donna B. *************************
"SWMC staff was fantastic and the closing agent was the very best I have ever worked with...on time--friendly- intelligent and professional ­" - Larry T. *************************
"Everytime I call SWMC, all my requests/concerns are resolved immediately. Very pleasant customer service. I am well pleased. Knowing that my issues or requests are resolved/granted with one call, I don't dread or detest calling SWMC (unlike other companies I dealt with). Special thanks to Leticia who provided my request right away. Keep up the great work! ­" - Angelita A. *************************
"Everyone that I have communicated with via email of phone call has been extremely helpful. ­" - Carmen C. *************************
"Love our funder Tiffany N.! Always ready to help and provide exceptional customer service. ­" - Lila G. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Rizalina L.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Sergio T.
"Great " - Roger P. *************************
"Overall they have always been helpful and knowledgeable I have no problem recommending Sunwest to friends " - Richard K. *************************
"Quick service and responses. " - Renea M. ********************
"THE SERVICE WAS EXCEPTIONAL. " - Claudia P. *************************
"This was my first closing with Sun West that closed on time this calendar year as far as I can remember. The process was better than most. A special thanks to Claudia N.! " - Oliver W. *************************
"We are new to SunWest , but so far easy and straightforward experience " - Jason U. *************************
"Good so far ­" - Charlie G. *************************
"MY REQUEST WAS RETURNED VERY PROMPT, THANKS ­" - Garry S. *************************
"From the beginning to the end, the whole process was not any effort in the least, Leland and his crew did an outstanding job in my opinion. Everyone bent over backwards for me and am so very, very pleased with the outcome. My dream of refinancing my loan was quick and easy... Thank you SunWest! ­" - Charles D. *************************
"Very professional, hassle free and great people to work with in gathering required information! ­" - Ron M. *************************
"So far so good. I am so happy with the information and help I have received from Rosemarie my loan officer. Thank you ­" - Carl B. *************************
"Very good customer service he was very helpful. ­" - Maria H. *************************
"Sun West made it very easy to refinance my mortgage. The people were nice and always pleasant to talk to. They kept in contact with me every step of the way. Totally Awesome!! ­" - Darrell T. *************************
"Hi Paul, Good morning: I wanted to thank you Paul, for your persistence in helping us refinance our mortgage and your understanding of our situation. I just want you to know, as a previous client and a Veteran and someone who has worked in the mortgage business for many years, how much we appreciate all you were able to do on our behalf. This appreciation and thank you extends to everyone involved in the approval and processing and funding of our loan. You were all AWESOME! SWMC is very fortunate to have quality employees as yourself and Della. Thank you again. ­" - Terrance R. *************************
"everyone did a great job, especially Wanda helping to keep this closing on track and getting it done in a last minute crunch " - Angela C.
"Great experience especially working with ​​Fidel R. and ​​Joe S.! " - Dave C.
"Thank you SO very much for all of your hard work on this file, Yvonne – you are the best!!! :)" - Natasha W.
"Thank you Erica! One thing that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving is you. Your friends and family are very lucky people to have you in their lives. You have a kindness and patience about you that is rare these days. Please let them all know to be Thankful for you!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, very special person. " - Lyn W.
"Outstanding customer service. Thank you! Finally got this computer to work. " - Thomas H. *************************
"The gentleman that handled my call was extremely friendly and helpful. " - Adam P. *************************
"Very good service from the beginning of the process until the end. The team at Sunwest is very helpful in answering any and all questions. They make the loan process very easy. I am glad that I went with Sunwest to service my refinance. Thanks again. " - Michael M. *************************
"Great timing and explanation on total process " - Benjamin L. ********************
"I would be happy if all companies I deal with had professional employees like Sun West.... ­" - Charles G. *************************
"Over all service is good ­" - Bataan R. ********************
"No problems at the present time. ­" - Rich K. *************************
"Jennifer is excellent and has helped to stop me from making a big mistake I was going to leave Sunwest and after a long talk with her, I have changed my mind. ­" - Vicki M. *************************
"Very satisfied in all services that received. I commend J. Blaskovich for doing everything to keep the clients to stay in Sun West.. ­" - Vergel V. *************************
"Great experience!" ­" - Barbara F. *************************
"Good customer service nice people, thanks. ­" - Doug D. *************************
"Great easy to read and understand. ­" - Nelson V. *************************
"The loan representatives, Kellie and Gian, were wonderful and easy to work with. " - Michael S.
"everyone did a great job " - Angela C.
"The SunWest Team has always been a pleasure to work with. " - Letty T.
"Erica's customer service was outstanding while servicing my loan. Even with a very bad cold she hung in there and got the job done. She has a great personality and very professional. But most of all, her word is her bond. BRAVO Erica! " - Kenneth B.
"Jennie B. is a great person to work with. Thanks so much! " - Mark M.
"Good Morning Sonia, I just wanted to extend an extra thank you for helping me secure my refinance. I'm very happy to continue my relationship with SunWest Mortgage. I look forward to more services in the future. Have a joyous holiday season to you and your loved ones. " - Douglas D.
"Very good and excellent service provided by Cameron and his staff. " - Jim D.
"☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺" - Darrin J.
"I am very much satisfied with the way your staff has handled my refinance. " - Alric B. *************************
"Our refinance was very simple and the SunWest experience was great. Highly recommend." " - Margaret S. *************************
"Both Kelli & Leland did a great job­ " - Harold H. *************************
"I love Sun West Mortgage..They are great to work with­ " - Elaine D. *************************
"Sun West loan is a great company to do business with. Everyone I have spoken to has been very helpful and friendly. " - Amy S. *************************
"good. " - Shaji J. ********************
"Excellent. " - Wayne G. *************************
"Rarely I have been engaged on a personal level from my mortgage company on a personal level in an attempt to improve my relationship with them. Sunwest has been incredibly personable and communicative in my time with them. As a customer I highly recommend them. ­" - Grant W. *************************
"I think Sun west mortgage company is very easy to work with. Wendy G. is a pleasure to work with. She does her best to make sure you are aware of everything you need to know to close your loan. ­" - Robert S. *************************
"Sun West has been a blessing to us. They have gone above and beyond to help us get a mortgage that we could afford. I would recommend to everyone. ­" - Dorothy S. *************************
"I like your quick response to our questions and your overall efficiency in your efforts to satisfy us as your customers and your transparency so everyone understands the transactions taking place. We look forward to working with you through our re-fi. Many thanks!!!!! ­" - Darlene H. *************************
"A Very nice experience ­" - Thomas R. *************************
"Malissa is awesome! Great, prompt service!!! " - Rita H. *************************
"The representative Lizet L. was awesome! " - Donna D. *************************
"Great " - Frank G. *************************
"Never have had a bad experience " - Danny N. *************************
"Services are great, and customer service always friendly " - Kepler C. *************************
"I think they are efficient " - Surina A. ********************
"I was treated very professionally. A very quick response to my question concerning my current mortgage with you. Gian G. is a great customer service representative and loan originator. " - William S. *************************
"Good so far! ­" - Todd T. *************************
"Everything so far has been very positive! ­" - Andee M. *************************
"Great job thanks ­" - Terry L. *************************
"Best company I have ever worked with love the easy pay on the website. The call center is always ready to help. Thank you Sunwest. ­" - Dean T. *************************
"Everyone has been helpful and easy to work with. They have made refinancing easy. ­" - Emma A. ********************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Rodella C.
"Very good service" - Chirag S. *************************
"Good ­" - Kenneth T. ********************
"The website is very user friendly and works with ease. We just became part of Sun West and the total transactions have been a breeze. Would recommend them to friends and family. ­" - Cynthia D. *************************
"It was a pleasure doing with you. We had a very smooth transaction. " - Karla V.
"This was the best experience and I am have happy to be in my dream home. Thank you so much Mae M., Vipul B., David P. and everyone else on their team that assistance in my loan. " - Jennie B.
"Roxanne B. jumped in at the 11th hour to successfully save a VA loan ​​fouled-up for months by a local Pahrump, NV loan officer. Take it from a Realtor that is brutally tough on loan officers, Roxanne truly, truly, performed magnificently! All aspects of the loan process from perfect and timely...really!!!! I hope that someone in top management will recognize Roxanne for this world-class result. Feel free to contact me for additional details. " - Ron F.
"This was my first loan with you all and I look forward to many more, my rep Brenley and processor Penina were excellent, thank you so much " - Mary W.
"Online website is user friendly and customer service experience has been great thus far! " - Tanya D. *************************
"Of all the mortgage companies I have had in the past Sun West is the Best, from an easy website to use to the Customer service agents manning the phones. Thank you all for your valued support! " - Michael L. *************************
"Great " - Tracy W. *************************
"EXCELLENT " - Donna L. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Jeremy M.
"Sun West does their best with their focus on customer service. The website is very clear and very customer friendly. Recommended for anyone looking to buy a house or refinance." " - Derek L. ********************
"Just starting the loan and all is going well.­ " - Linda J. *************************
"I am thoroughly impressed with the level of commitment by your loan servicing team namely Wendy G. and Sonia M.. They are truly an asset to your organization and their level of respect and commitment are second to none.­ " - Wendell C. *************************
"I would like to acknowledge the fantastic work and assistance that I've received from my Sun West mortgage broker Berneice C. She continues to be very responsive and helpful with all questions and has worked hard to get us the best deal possible on our refinance. " - Pedro E. *************************
"Very helpful and patient " - Frank S. *************************
"I received an Email reply within an hour or so of my original inquiry - I did not expect that! Thank you. I appreciate the expedient reply. " - Mary B. *************************
"Excellent service ­" - Maurice P. *************************
"Excellent service ­" - Adrienne A. *************************
"Very helpful and great to work with. ­" - John W. *************************
"Great job ­" - Terry L. *************************
"Service was fast and reliable,. you have an excellent crew in your closing dept. and easy to work with . thank you! sunwest is the best. ­" - Kenneth F. *************************
"All my experiences with Sun West have been very enjoyable Thank You. " - John F. *************************
"I really enjoyed the information that was explained to me during our meeting. Richard H. made me feel comfortable with choosing this company. " - Inice W. ********************
"Fast response " - Anthony A. *************************
"Although I am new to Sun West my experience so far has been great! I was greeted on the phone quite cordially and professionally when I had a few questions. What's more, my bill paying and online experience has been easy as pie; their web-site is quite user friendly and navigable! " - Mark S. *************************
"I had an overall "great, and painless experience" getting my home refinanced with Sun West. All the agents I dealt with were exceptional, patient, willing to explain, and go over again and again details and steps of the refinancing process. The person I worked with the most, loan processor: David T., I cannot say enough how well he treated me during the process. He was kind, easy going, explaining everything in layman's terms. I got an honest and great package on my refi and my wife and I couldn't be happier. We are so glad we chose Sun West and highly recommend them to anyone else considering a refinance. " - Steven H. *************************
"Sarah got this loan closed within 2 weeks of submission!!! She is the best!!!!!!!!!! " - Pam B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Phillip M.
"I recently opened a new account with Sun West Mortgage and I am very happy with the service so far. A rep called me after I closed my loan. He ask me if I had any question and answered all my questions and even took the time to explain the website. I am not a very savvy person with computers so I really appreciate the help I was given. I think that Sun West take their time with their customers which it is very rare to find these days. I would recommend Sun West Mortgage to anyone looking for a Home Loan. " - Heriberto C. *************************
"Everyone was really trained well and knowledgeable in helping me get through the loan process. ­" - John C. *************************
"This company is absolutely amazing....I highly recommend. The staff is very efficient, not to mention punctual. The process was quick, comfortable and very courteous. Did I mention I saved thousands by switching my mortgage to I honestly felt like they had my back. ­" - Curtis T. *************************
"So far so good ­" - Annetta D. *************************
"The loan co. is easy to work with. ­" - Randy D. *************************
"Thus far I'm very satisfied with the service I have received from Sun West ­" - Rex D. *************************
"Very good services ­" - Frank A. *************************
"Fast and easy...could not have been any smoother!" ­" - Gregg W. *************************
"They worked with us when we needed help..good customer service ­" - Samue K. ********************
"Easy ­" - Matthew N. *************************
"Overall good transaction. " - John C.
"great job by all " - Douglas S.
"thanks to Erica " - Calvin H.
"Loan consultants were professional and timely. " - Carmen W.
"everyone did a great job " - Angela C.
"Another absolutely splendid job by Sun West. In particular Angelica G. who as always, provided the best service in the business. Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you all.. " - Jonathan H.
"Great Service!!! " - Omar M.
"The service I've received from Leila H. has been exceptionally good! " - Sheila M. *************************
"I had great experience so far " - Tracy W. *************************
"All went seamless, People were very good about keeping me informed. They all so responded to all question very quick " - Carl D. *************************
"So far, my loan was handled expertly. I'm very pleased with the personal service I've received. " - Janie A. *************************
"I had this company for two years and they have always been very helpful when I called them on the phone. They have a great customer portal too. " - Milena J. *************************
"Sunwest is efficient and very easy to work with, great customer service, a company that you can trust to give you the best rates and minimum fees " - Librado F. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Maggie C.
"Everyone we have worked with has been extremely professional and efficient. Getting a mortgage or a re-fi is a stressful experience, but your staff relieved us of all that stress. I would highly recommend Sun West to any of my friends who may be in the market for your services...and I send our thanks to all of you for so easily walking us through this. " - Kathleen T. *************************
"Very Interesting closing " - Vickie C. *************************
"Love this company. Fast service " - Maurice P. *************************
"Love this company. " - Adrienne A. *************************
"Thank you! Thank you! To everyone at Sunwest, Thank you! I appreciate everyone's efforts...Paul R., thank you for not giving up on me. To Della D., thank you for staying in touch with us throughout the process. I feel great about the way we were treated and the job that SunWest is doing for our Veterans... " - Terrance R. *************************
"I have heard from friends of mine, who have used Sun West Mortgage Company, for their Real Estate purchases, that their experience, was very professional, as well as timely, to close their loans. " - Steven G. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Lyn W.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Carlos B.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Daniel M.
"Excellent " - Charles W. *************************
"So far the process had been very easy and smooth. I was particularly impressed that prior to going forward with the process, we were contact by SWMC to confirm our personal information. I think this is a good practice to protecting your customers personal data. Looking forward to having SWMC as a mortgage bank. " - Rodger D. *************************
"Very satisfied with Sunwest West Mortgage service! Thank you Robert V., Ketan, & especially Dimarco. " - Vaelaa F. *************************
"Sheima S. was outstanding as my mortgage banker. I would recommend her with the highest respect for her professional integrity and expertise. " - Brian B. *************************
"I had a very good experience. " - Allen S. *************************
"Good communication through the process " - Bonnie M. ********************
"I am a Disabled Veteran and waiting on approval now to get my loan and they have been very helpful and appreciated very much..­ " - John W. ********************
"Simply the best refi option available on the market. Good terms, no extra costs and a simplified loan process.­ " - Randy L. *************************
"Great mortgage company, on my second refinance with Sun West.­ " - Carlos P. *************************
"Grade 'A' experience! " - Joey W. *************************
"Roxanne was very helpful. " - Donald S. *************************
"Professional and fast to help the customers. ­" - Osvaldo B. *************************
"Very easy and enjoy working with sunwest ­" - Toren W. *************************
"The information I needed was provided very quickly - especially when my account was closed a year and half ago. ­" - Kanwal S. *************************
"Great " - Robert A. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Linoy A.
"Never had any issues with Sunwest. easy payment options and good customer service " - Ramine P. *************************
"Quick and correct response. " - Michael R. *************************
"Courteous, patient, sweet, kind operators, really good people, Congratulations " - Juan P. ********************
"Again, I'm in the process of refinancing my home and what do I get? SunWest gave me the best deal ever. Great company that knows how to meet the client's needs. " - Arbenz C. *************************
"Very timely and courteous contacts. " - Jim D. *************************
"Great customer service ­" - Edward B. *************************
"sun west so far is one of the best mortgage companies I have worked with ­" - Michael I. *************************
"Wonderful ­" - Kwaku A. *************************
"Really user friendly. Well-organized. Actually I was surprised how easy it was to go through the menu. Thanks. ­" - Paul T. *************************
"I am a Veteran and they treated me with respect and helped me get the best interest rate. They continue to go out of their way to ensure that I get the best rate out there. Thumbs up to everyone there. ­" - Henry T. *************************
"It's a good website ­" - Sarah M. *************************
"very good company, the people I was talking with sunwest are professional ­" - kenneth F. *************************
"Malissa and Sonia are top notch performer. My experience dealing with the refinance with sun west mortgage company was quick and easy and to the point. If ever I had a question I emailed direct to Malissa or Sonia and they had an answer for me within 24 hours . Their customer service that they gave me was an excellent And outstanding. A job well done Ladies. I want to thank you both very much. It's been my pleasure doing business with you both have a great day. " - Scott P.
"Overall good transaction. " - John C.
"Jenn F. is a gem. She always does such a great job with my loans. She is responsive and helps things move along. She deserves a huge bonus for all the loans she helps get closed " - Scott S.
"The process was all very smooth. Paul kept me well informed and was available to answer questions when I had them, if he wasn't available right away he would either call me back or email. Very good experience for a process that can be overwhelming. " - Julie W.
"Quicker turn times " - Douglas S.
"Craig L. was awesome! " - Chuck H.
"Everything was fine. " - Freddie D.
"I had a great experience with Sun West and their representatives. I had a great interest rate to start with...3.36%. After about 6 months they contacted me and offered me a 2.75% fixed interest rate. I took it. I can't imagine the odds of finding a better lender or interest rate. So, I am giving them an A+ rating. " - Chris R.
"Painless and prompt." - Donald L. *************************
"Great company. " - Larry E. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Edwin P.
"I'm very pleased with the service. Cameron has been a big help! " - Clarence W. *************************
"I submitted questions and received a very quick response, which is excellent. " - Billy C. ********************
"I wanted to say that I truly appreciate Maya S. and Martin C. help with processing this loan, and all the loans that I submit to SWMC. Me and my borrowers truly appreciate the extra care and excellent customer service that Maya and Martin and their amazing support staff offer mine and SWMC clients. In my opinion Martin & Maya in particular go beyond what it takes to be a great asset to me and my clients in getting their loans funding in a timely and caring fashion. This is one of the reasons that I submit many loans to SWMC and that I consider them my number one choice in lenders. Martin, Maya and all of the SWMC support staff are truly assets to SunWest Mortgage. Thank you. " - Daryl K. *************************
"Very god experience " - Evelyn E. *************************
"It was great and orderly fashion " - Charlie G. *************************
"This is by far the easiest refi I've ever done. Rosemarie M. really was competent, pleasant and made it a smooth process. " - James M. *************************
"The service I have has been very polite and complete. I have been informed of all procedures going forth and have all current information on my refinance. Jonathan R. is one of the pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you.­ " - Terry C. ********************
"Very educational and able to learn quotes refinancing­ " - Jaime F. *************************
"Excellent service so far & I'm sure it will continue throughout the rest of my loan process­ " - Gerald E. *************************
"Leland T. is being very helpful and knowledgeable and I am glad he is helping me with the process of refinancing my mortgage thank you. " - Carlos B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Norbert H.
"This was a very pleasant experience. Malissa O. and the other representatives who assisted me is this refinance was more than professional and knowledgeable of the process. They were very patient and answered every question which gave me the peace of mind to go forward with the process. I am overall very pleased with the customer service. Thank you " - Felicia B. *************************
"My experience has been great. The service representative was very helpful when I called. Not only did he help me with my issue. He helped me understand the company and more things I could do on the website. Which is also very good. ­" - Randall H. *************************
"The response to my concern was very quick and handled in a professional manner. ­" - Ralph M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Frank M.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Larinda P.
"I have had a great experience with Sun Mortgage. They are dedicated and overall great to work with. ­" - Obediah A. *************************
"Helpful, knowledgeable and consistent " - Angela T. *************************
"Great " - Dhiraj G. *************************
"All problems/issues have always been solved " - Max H. *************************
"Thank you for all you do " - Patty N. ********************
"Rosemarie M. is the best loan officer I have ever worked with. She was so on top of her professional abilities. Very courteous. The most professional. Very warm person who cares about you and your loan. A gen of an employee. Rosemarie should train all other loan processors. And Sunwest IRRRL refinancing was the smoothest quickest processing comparing ten other refinance events I have processed. I would give Rosemarie a raise. The best experience in past 40 years of financing homes. Thank you Rosemarie. " - James S. *************************
"Como pareja que fue evaluada para streamline...estamos más que agradecidos de SunWest..Excelente servicio ... ­" - Carlos L. *************************
"Excelente tanto en California como en Puerto encanta como evaluaron todas mis dudas y las acciones que tomaron para nuestra satisfacción...gracias Sr. Eduardo. P de P.R. y Thomas y Van esas de California. ­" - Maria C. *************************
"So far, super excellent and I know it will continue to get better ­" - Juan V. *************************
"I'm really happy with Pablo R., He answer all my questions about my loan and new interest rate. ­" - Jose S. *************************
"Very professional. Was able to re-finance within needed time frame with great rate. Thanks to all who handled my account. You all were great. If I ever refinance again or finance a new home, I will be sure to contact you first. ­" - Rachel M. *************************
"Very good and professional ­" - Charles M. *************************
"Great ­" - Christian C. *************************
"Very satisfied with your services. Excellent personalized management of my loan. I especially appreciate the help from ​​Joseph S. " - Claudia F.
"Erica & Steve, We thank both of you for your patience in working with us, it was a pleasure working with you to refinance our mortgage with Sun West we closed last night. Again thank you for making it easy. " - Gene L.
"it is a great experience " - Allen W.
"I just wanted to let you know that Kellie has done a wonderful job helping throughout the whole refinance process she has been very prompt when responding back to me ,it was a pleasure working with Kellie " - Raymond S.
"Great Job by Angie and Alex in getting this Jumbo closed for me. Many Thanks to David and his awesome operation. More Jumbo's coming. " - Adam W.
"I love Angelica she is so amazing, please make sure you guys are taking great care of her " - Rebecca S.
"Sun West Mortgage was good doing business with. They were very helpful and explained everything to me so that I could understand. Thank you. " - Estella P. *************************
"I contacted customer service and was very pleased with the help I received. The representative was very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions. " - Vickie M. *************************
"We appreciate the staff returning an answer to our question without waiting hours. Even after business hours we received our answer in a few minutes. Great service THANKS " - Hans B. *************************
"Jennifer has been helpful and amazing from beginning to end " - Mark M. *************************
"Very pleased thus far with the experience. " - Calvin M. *************************
"Very good thus far. " - Stephen F. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Elaine K.
"Bhabesh, is a fabulous asset to your company and has always been easy to work with. " - William L. *************************
"Fast " - Ryan H. *************************
"It's unbelievable how efficient and smoothly my loan process was. I applied for my loan to be refinanced, in a matter of 30 days just as SWMC said I closed. I was kept informed and the service was excellent. Give them a try. " - Ida J. *************************
"The experience has been really straightforward, and also very easy with the ability to sign docs electronically. " - Carl C. *************************
"Sunwest staff handled my loan very professionally. Would refer to a friend or family member " - Lena R. *************************
"Very quick and easy to refinance our mortgage. " - Terry B. *************************
"All SWMC representatives were professional and helpful throughout the process. They answered all of our questions. " - Chico W. *************************
"Kellie D. was one of your representative whom we were connected with and I can't say enough good things about her. She handled all of our refinancing problems. We were very happy that we could have such a nice person to talk to and be directed to other personal to finish refinancing. Once again Thank You " - Robert B. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - David F.
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Carlos C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Daniel D.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Don & Carolyn K.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Rei T.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Ronald K.
"We are in the process of refinancing with this company and so far the experience has been exceptional. The company has handled the loan process in an expedited manner.­ " - Bridget H. ********************
"Very good service.­ " - Serapio B. *************************
"SunWest is a great company and they have helped me refinance my home loan when the interest rates dropped and I saved $150 a month with no stress and I was able to skip a month payment and get caught up on other things in life. What a great help SunWest has been. Thanks Guys! " - Derik E. *************************
"Website was very user friendly. " - Charlene H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Lacy S.
"Just This has been a great experience for me. ­" - Robert E. *************************
"Excellent ­" - Mike G. *************************
"Very Happy ­" - Alan G. *************************
"First time user on the website seems user friendly at this point with lots of content. ­" - Ronald B. ********************
"OUTSTANDING " - Sidney R. *************************
"Very friendly staff, helped tremendously with our process of getting our new home loan. " - Frank R. *************************
"Everyone was great. Thank-you so much. " - Sandra B. *************************
"good ­" - Lyn N. ********************
"Easy, fast and friendly service. ­" - Diana H. *************************
"Best mortgage company to work with ever! ­" - Gina D. *************************
"good ­" - Arthur B. *************************
"I am a mortgage broker who has over 25 banks we send loans too. However, whenever I have the option, I send it to SWMC. I have never been happier with a bank. SWMC has great pricing, programs, and the system is user friendly. I have a wonderful AE who answers me promptly and is very knowledgeable. I will continue to send business to SWMC. ­" - Courtney W. *************************
"I appreciate the quality customer care and the convenience of e sign. Thank you. ­" - Clarence W. *************************
"I was really pleased with the people that I did business with. They were very helpful and explained everything to me. Thank you ­" - Blanca P. *************************
"I was very pleased with the help I received from Sonivette D. my loan representative and from Nicole L., Relationship Manager. They both deserve lots of kudos for their help with my loan. " - John W.
"My overall experience was outstanding! " - John C.
"Angie, Alex and the whole operation continue to outperform. This customer is a repeat FHA Jumbo customer with Sun West who is very pleased with the quality of service. Thank you all for your hard work! " - Adam W.
"Jennie B. is the best inside support person we could ever ask for. Thank you so much for everything! " - Mark M.
"Robin K. was fantastic she went above and beyond working with us, she would answer her phone to answer questions even during her time when she was off from work, Robin K. is an asset to the Swmc team " - David L.
"Jan...what a crazy one... I really appreciate all you did. You did a marvelous job. I will send business where appropriate and will always speak highly of you! " - Claudia F.
"Dave Man, you are consistently the consummate Pro Mortgage Officer! You & your team are the reason that I love my Mortgage Company & my mortgage. Y'all never fail to provide world-class service, and this Veteran is grateful indeed. You & Sun West Mortgage are nothing short of a TOP SHELF CLASS ACT. Please forward this message to the upper echelon. They need to know the truth & facts. Again, thank you kindly for your great service and attention to the details. P.S: All American Veterans should be aware of the genuinely great loans & service that SWMC provides.P.S: All American Veterans should be aware of the genuinely great loans & service that SWMC provides." - Mikie B.
"Did a loan two times with SWMC &. Had a great experience with both. " - Charlotte F.
"Deanna, I want to thank you for your professionalism and the care and concern you showed me in the last couple of days. It was your dynamic assistance and dedication that helped. I cannot express enough how important this was to me. I am so glad I have Sun West as my mortgage lender. You proved beyond all doubt that Sun West is a leader in the industry. Please share this email with your superiors. I want them to know the wonderful experience I have had with your department. Again, thanks for a job well done! " - Dee D.
"Erica H. was great " - Calvin H.
"Frank G. did an excellent job, great customer service! " - Victor H.
"Amazing service" - Maurice P. *************************
"Great experience" - Haley G. *************************
"Having only purchased my home a little over 2 years ago I had doubts about refinancing it. I did contact SunWest and from day one it seemed a pleasure to work with them. We never had to leave our home to sign papers, talk to a representative. Everything was done over the computer. I was speaking to Kellie D., a very patient person with a great personality. I called numerous times and the greeting was always the same. The final papers that had to be signed were brought to our home, and once again we felt very comfortable with Dina. Over all SunWest is worth the call we made and left everything to them." - Robert B. *************************
"Great personal service - the mortgage loan went fast with no delays. Highly recommended!" - Michael R. *************************
"So far everything is going great." - Carl T. *************************
"Very Quick and easy, love that!!!" - Lisa B. *************************
"Very clear and professional service received from Sonia and all of the SunWest team!" - Larry H. *************************
"I was very satisfied with the whole process and the amount of time it took. " - Mary C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Sherry P.
"although the electronic document sign was new but got the job done." - Nathan R. *************************
"Professional, friendly, timely " - Erin O. *************************
"Had a great experience with sunwest " - Brian C. *************************
"We've had many mortgage servicers in the past but must say, Sun West is one of the best. The whole process was easy and without any hiccups along the way. Very professional! Website for mortgage payments is great! Please keep up the good work!." - DennisandPatti C. *************************
"Thanks for your Prompt response Susan L. explained all the doubts I had very well." - Jose M. *************************
"Very quick and pleasant experience. Also an very pleasing interest rate " - Chris R. *************************
"Everything went well. Very quick and efficient. " - Michelle R. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Lawrence R.
"I have a VA loan and wanted to get an interest rate reduction with SWMC. I inquired about it and the people there were very helpful with my request. " - Steve A. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** " - Edmund K.
"Mike S. was very helpful. He took his time to help me with my first 203K loan at SWMC. His service was greatly appreciated. " - Christopher M. *************************
"I have always had good experience whenever I needed to contact SunWest. " - Catherine G. *************************
"Excellent!!!! " - Thomas P. *************************
"Sun West Mortgage was good doing…" - Estella P.
"I wanted to reach out and let you know what exceptional service I've received from Ms. Dang during my refinancing process. She is diligent, professional, and always very friendly. I feel she's gone above and beyond to try and help me. She's been very helpful in explaining things to me, or directing me to my loan officer when necessary (i.e. when I wanted further explanation as to why my estimate was different from the final numbers). I know Ms. Dang has had challenges in reaching me at times but she never gives up and she is always very friendly - whereas a lot of people would be grouchy by the time they are finally able to talk to the customer! Anyway I just wanted to let you know I sincerely appreciate how wonderful it has been dealing with Ms. Dang. Best regards," - Nancy H.
"Marty P. went above and beyond the call of duty!! Awesome. He rocks!! " - Nancy M.
"I must express my deepest gratitude for the extreme efforts of Chris L. in this home purchase. This transaction was atypical in that we had come from a situation caused by the crash of 2008 that left us very few choices with our property at the time. We had paid our mortgage and gone through all of the steps that Bank of America required to sell our condo but the HOA had oversold their FHA lendings in that association which left us without our short sale buyer. We satisfied the deed-in-lieu requirements but Bank of America took over 2 years to process the paper work on their end. This all meant that Chris L. had quite a discombobulated ball of string to decipher like some sort of secret societies code. His vast experience and talents in his field gave him that decoding ability that nobody could have done before him. Believe me we tried. The previous bank Howard County, more or less threw their hands in the air and left us all in the lurch two days before closing which was a drastic and terribly detrimental blow against the sellers as they had already moved out and made all arrangements and deposits for their new life. None-the-less Chris waded into the mire and helped in countless ways. He worked with the listing agent to insure that the sellers would stand fast in selling us the house. We loved the house and it was in their best interests to not try to start all over again with someone else. The sellers resolve was waning and waxing throughout the process but Chris kept it on track, he was determined to see this difficult transaction through to the triumphant end. The sellers had health issues and a pending deposit that depended upon Chris' tenacity, the lives of 2 families were in the lurch. Chris unraveled every twist and straightened every turn right back onto the path of victory. We are certain that we could not have completed this purchase had it not been for him. His patience and diligence saw us through to the realization of a dream that I can hardly put into words. We know his efforts were key in this endeavor and he has helped us reach this dream of owning a beautiful house that means more than just owning a house but also a fresh start in our lives and relationships. This house has brought us closer to my family; my siblings, my parents, my relatives and very importantly my young nephews whom I will now get to watch grow up. These things you can't put a price tag on and it takes the caring and nurturing of people like Chris to bring them to fruition. His expertise and dedication were paramount. Chris L. and SWMC have our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude. Thank you!!!!" - Scott L.
"Thank you, Hope. I really appreciate all the hard work you have done for me on this refinance. I'm very pleased with the progress. " - Jan R.
"Suresh and Mae, My name is David Z. and I have been going through Sun West in order to refinance my current Sun West home loan at a lower interest. I originally submitted all the paperwork for a 30 year loan with a cash out but when I saw how expensive the charges were for a VA cash out, I requested additional info on a 30 year VA loan without a cash out. Throughout the whole ordeal of getting information on the loan with the cash out and without, I had the privilege of dealing with Nicole L. I have to tell you two that Nicole was ALWAYS very professional and RESPONSIVE to my e-mails and telephone calls. Nicole even made an effort to keep me informed with our dealings my credit union representative – who did not always cater to our needs in a timely fashion! In closing, you have an excellent employee in Nicole and I wanted to pass on to you what a pleasure it has been dealing with her! Regards, " - David Z.
"Couldn't be happier with all aspects of the service that I was given. " - Nicholas V.
"I have been in this business for 15 years I am old, bitter, no patience and no question I am not an easy person to deal with, especially when it comes to closing a loan. Going through the process on this difficult loan I fell in love with Wanda C., Isabel A., Sheri W., Stephanie H. In 15 years in this business they proved to be the most responsive, dedicate, knowledgeable, patient team in the business. They were outstanding bringing a difficult loan to a successful conclusion. I’m going to spread the word about my experience and dedicate more of my pipeline to SunWest because of them. I hope SunWest acknowledges and rewards this outstanding team. " - Tom B.
"​​Good morning, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you what a great experience we have had with Alba C. as our processor. She has done a phenomenal job for us and is super-responsive whenever we need anything. I have received multiple praises about her to me from several key employees of mine whose opinion I value very highly, and I just wanted to let you know what I’m hearing on the front lines. Alba – I want to thank you for delivering such a high level of service with a smile to my employees. That means a lot to me and that is the best way to help your company grow and get new business in the door because everyone loves great service with a smile. I appreciate you! Thank you all for being a great partner and we look forward to many years of partnership to come. " - Eric T.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Susan C.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Jonathan J.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Randolph J.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Arthur M.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Rafael P.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Daniel B.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Tony G.
"I couldn't be happier with the service I am receiving. " - Robert P. *************************
"Your agent 'Coleen C.' was by far the most helpful and knowledgably mortgage agent we have ever spoken to. While viewing an open house in our search for a new home she had all of the answers we were looking for and was only to willing to share that information with my wife during that open house visit. We now know exactly how much house we can afford what kind of service we can expect from SUN WEST when we do find the home we are looking for. We will definitely be calling Coleen.. Regards, " - Fred C. *************************
"My experience with Mr. Gibbs was great. I'm currently in the process of refinancing with my bank but Sunwest (Mr.Gibbs) offered something better than my current bank. Because of that, if everything is good after reading the disclosures, I might just take what Sunwest is offering. " - Luis R. *************************
"Steve V. and Jazmin M. are THE BEST!! I highly recommend them and Sun West Mortgage Company. We were so pleased with Sun West for our current mortgage, we didn't shop around when we were ready to refinance. " - Suzanne M. *************************
"Great support. I'm treated like a VIP. Thank you so much for your support. " - Marilia F. *************************
"I truly appreciate the professionalism displayed from SunWest during my mortgage process. They helped to make it more streamlined than anticipated. I had previously heard nothing but good things about SunWest. In addition to referring others, when I'm ready to purchase again and/or refinance, I will contact SunWest. " - Ronnie B. *************************
"As one of SWMC's Broker Partners I am dealing with and talking to members of SWMC's team on a daily basis. Recently we had a particularly difficult client that was upset with issues outside of both mine or Sunwest's control however the borrower directed his anger at Sunwest. Johnathan N., who I believe is in the customer service and/or servicing department, couldn't have been more helpful. The client was somewhat unruly but Johnathan helped keep him calm while being professional and assisting all involved reach a solution. This was a time where I very much needed assistance and a level head. Johnathan provided both. I won't defer all the credit, ,but he certainly played a significant role is saving the deal and the client.. Thank you " - Zachary C. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - James B.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Sonia O.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Joseph A.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Carl M.
"It's been great having Sun West as my mortgage lender. Very helpful and attentive " - Carlos F. *************************
"Bethany B. is AMAZING. The entire SunWest team including Alex R. have been extremely helpful in assisting our production office's pipeline of loans. Their attention to customer service is 2nd to NONE!! " - Jeff B. *************************
"I was really pleased with the people that I did business with. They were very helpful and explained everything to me. Thank you " - BlancaEstela P. *************************
"EVERYONE DOES A GREAT JOB " - Michael K. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Dominique B.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Teresa O.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Janet T.
"Angelica G. is an amazing resource for your team. She never lets us down and we carry a very large pipeline with her. She communicates well and makes herself available to us when needed. We love her! " - Rebecca S. *************************
"Requested a copy of our note at 9 pm. It was in my email at 2:53 the next morning! " - Sheila L. *************************
"For not being a professional in the use of the computer I manage to get the information across.Thank for being available when in need. " - Manuel V. *************************
"Steve V. is doing a great job! Very happy with service and I will recommend! " - William R. ********************
"I just refinance my mortgage at a very good rate with SunWest that is unbeatable with a great professional mortgage advisor, outstanding customer services and an user friendly website that allow you to monitor your account from any location. Also, free automatically withdraw to pay your mortgage to avoid any inconveniences. " - Richard C. *************************
"Sun West has always made my experience very comfortable. They make every effort to communicate, inform and explain any and all concerns during the refinance. Great company to count on for all your mortgage needs. " - Jerry S. *************************
"My overall experience with Sunwest mortgage has been wonderful. So far everyone on the team has been helpful and professional thank you so much to the Sunwest mortgage team " - Jeeandy M. *************************
"This has been the easiest refinance we have ever done Thanks to Sun West and their associates " - Carolyn K. *************************
"OUTSTANDING " - Wilmore R. *************************
"Service has been outstanding ! Very helpful and response time is very fast. ....Friendly , patient, explains everything so we understand ....very pleased with SWMC ... " - John P. *************************
"Good " - Belal N. *************************
"All questions were answered promptly. " - Edson B. *************************
"It has been a great learning experience! " - Maria R. *************************
"Arlinda was on the ball and she worked out a solution for timely payment of my very recently modified home insurance. Thanks Arlinda " - Curt P. *************************
"SunWest has always been there for my housing needs. They are friendly and polite, and get the job done. They take the time to explain things to you in a manner you can understand. They are the best mortgage company I have ever worked with. " - Michael N. *************************
"Had an overall good experience. " - Vance S. *************************
"Excellent service. " - Jorge M. *************************
"Best place to get a mortgage fast and friendly " - John J. *************************
"Alain and Hope provided outstanding service. Keeping us apprised of all steps in the process was great. Thank you.. " - Ronald K. *************************
"Absolutely no issues or roadblocks in completing the Refi. Well Done! " - Russell R. *************************
"I for the first time registered to view my account online which the process was easy to maneuver " - Guillermo S. *************************
"perfect guidance for me. will be waiting for the paperwork. " - Juan V. *************************
"It was great working with Jose! " - Cary T. *************************
"Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc on the few times I have had contact in regards to phone call inquiries involving account information or account payment validation, the customer service techs, and managerial staff are always courteous and informative, and always offer warm comments for being such valued customers. Thank you." " - Thomas C. *************************
"Guillermo was extremely helpful sorting out the conditions of a VA refinance to our home. He has been straightforward, but, I feel that he is trying to get us the best loan, rate, and payments to meet our needs." - Terri S. *************************
"Very experienced and detail oriented " - Ike I. ********************
"Awesome company - no regrets " - Rona T. *************************
"She did a great job. I felt my questions were answered and I received the help I needed. Thank You! " - Trisha R. ********************
"Craig L. is the best! Contacted us regarding refi and things have been moving very well. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. " - Charles H. *************************
"They made the process easy! " - Jared C. *************************
"Answered my questions. " - Ray S. *************************
"the underwriters are good about communicating with you on loan files " - Deana S. ********************
"I am very happy with my over all experience with Sun West...." - Isavel G. *************************
"The website is very user friendly and details everything regarding my loan. I have had loans with other large banks, and none of them ever had a detailed account information page like SWMC has. I am very impressed. Thank you for your service. " - Guillermo M. *************************
"Very good information. " - Marcille S. *************************
"Excellent group " - Benjamin J. *************************
"Cameron P. was very courteous and quick to respond. Very pleasant to work with thus far. " - Ron S. *************************
"SunWest Mortgage has made my entire home-buying and refinancing experience simple and convenient! Thank you for all that your company does! " - Michelle R. *************************
"Excellent customer service! Best service I have had setting up a VA Refinance and VAIRRL! Highly recommended for everyone especially Veterans and Military. " - Hosea B. *************************
"User friendly and there is no fee to use the pay by phone option! " - Dia S. *************************
"Great and quick service. " - William M. *************************
"My experience on this website is good and it helps to me to know about the mortgage product. " - Virendrasingh S. *************************
"Excellent customer service and very easy to do business with. " - Monica L. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Alaina P.
"Working with Sun West Mortgage Company really took a lot of anxiety out of our refinancing process. Thank you Sun West." - Gregory G. *************************
"Very straight forward and easy to work with." - Matthew S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Xavier G.
"Very professional" - Thyra T. *************************
"My overall experience so far have been excellent. I was given a warm welcome to the SunWest family and the associates on the call are very courteous and helpful." - Tarun K. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Maggie C.
"Very simple procedure and friendly folks when I contacted them." - Wesley F. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Joel M.
"The refinancing procedure went better than expected. I would definitely recommend SunWest Mortgage to others looking to refinance!" - Andrew S. *************************
"Outstanding and prompt attention to a technical issue uploading a point file. Resolved in 10 minutes. Thank you" - Cindy B. *************************
"Great service." - John V. *************************
"I'm very satisfy with Anarosa help.” " - Hong T. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Samuel L.
"QUICK RESPOND AND EXCELLENT SERVICE" - Nick T. *************************
"So far service & being informed have been excellent!!!!!" - John B. *************************
"They were great to work with from start to finish." - Lucas S. *************************
"The experience I have received thus far from SWMC, has been Excellent, I haven't had any issues with my loan, they worked with me from day one. I will tell anyone try to get SWMC. Thanks SWMC!!" - Tangela D. *************************
"have been well taken care of. As a disabled veteran, I received an excellent rate and service!" - Bob & Donnie L. *************************
"Excellent service had my previous loan with you refinanced and received excellent rate. Thanks. For your service all the employees I worked with couldn't have received any better service!" - Sharron A. *************************
"Team handle you with constant updates thru process which help to quell the anxiety while working thru process" - Rickie L. *************************
"Great service very satisfied with the service." - Roland H. *************************
"Thank you for the promptness of sending demand requests. Roger P. was most helpful!" - Elaine B. *************************
"My Sun West experiences have been above and beyond many companies services. No complaints. Great customer service." - Darryl M. *************************
"Mr.Valles was very informative and I was very comfortable in working with him." - Veronica A. *************************
"Jennifer was very thorough and answered all my questions." - Alice R. *************************
"Great customer service. The Best!" - Deloris J. *************************
"Everybody I have talked to has been Great. You could not ask for better." - Robert M. *************************
"Excellent service; make things easy. Glad to be working with Sun West!” " - Kasey G. *************************
"My treatment with Sun West has been great. When we decided to move to Las Vegas a family member referred us to Sun West because they had used them. And assured us that they would treat us like family and to my surprise they exceeded my expectation of what a mortgage company will do for their clients. I will refer all my family and friends who are looking to buy a house in the Las Vegas area to try Sun West they won't be disappointed." - Michael H. *************************
"Everyone and everything was excellent ­" - Keith J.
"Very satisfied with the process. " - Andrea G.
"Mark, I just want to take some time to say thank you, to you and your crew, you guys really went above and beyond in helping to answer any questions or concerns that I had in dealing with this loan, while being patient with me. You and your team's attitude was always outstanding and positive towards me. Just knowing professional people like you and your team is a part of Sun West Mortgage Company confirms that Sun West Mortgage Company truly is the best company around. I love doing business with you guys:) " - Anthony C.
"Good " - Colin T. ********************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Karla H.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Susan C.
"excellent service from sunwest' I was so satisfied and amazed by the expedient service they provided to me at every call i made to them, it was a pleasure doing business with them thank you so much sunwest­ " - Raymond C. *************************
"So glad I chose Sun West Mortgage Company!­ " - Maria G. *************************
"Love Sun West Mortgage Company!­ " - Carlos G. *************************
"So far my experience with Sun West Mortgage has been superior to any other financial institution I have dealt with purchasing a home including refinancing my present VA financed home. Everyone has been very helpful, friendly, professional, and expedient.­ " - John W. *************************
"Very good " - George B. *************************
"Great people love it " - Terry L. *************************
"The team at Sun West Mortgage was great. My refinance loan closed on time without any hassle. I'd definitely recommend them for all your home financing needs. " - Hardik P. *************************
"EXCELLENT I wanted to stay with SunWest Thank you. All have been very professional ­" - Edmund K. *************************
"My wife and I, over many years, have had our share of mortgages. Sun West by far exceeds any experience we've experienced. I have a VA loan. From time to time they have contacted us to offer us savings. Three times in the past year. A great company. ­" - Darryl M. *************************
"It was a very fast process for obtaining my loan. ­" - Luis R. *************************
"Very good ­" - John Z. *************************
"Was very informative and took time to explain everything. Answered all my questions . ­" - Dora G. *************************
"great service ­" - Jorge A. ********************
"Easy to navigate ­" - Luis B. *************************
"worked great. ­" - Norbert K. *************************
"Easy to access my account. The office was closed and I thought I was unable to manage my account. I tried and was successful without waiting for business hours. Thanks sooooo much. ­" - Sandra K. *************************
"SunWest has been an amazing lender to work with during our transition from home to home. Hope to build a great relationship for many years to come " - Ronnie C. *************************
"Great Co. to deal with " - Robert M. *************************
"Great service from I have seen. I look forward to obtaining a mortgage with your company " - Luis D. *************************
"Rosemarie M. has given me the best and most efficient loan experience in my 61 years of living. I like the docusign feature; very straight forward and fast! Thank you Rosemarie. " - James S. *************************
"Very satisfied and she was very pleasant to speak with. ­" - Laretha A. *************************
"This is the second time I've had the pleasure of using Sun West Mtg. I have no doubt it will go as smooth this time as the last. Rock on SunWest Rock on ­" - Justin W. *************************
"Very clear and quick ­" - Arnold S. ********************
"The loan and the people that i have been in contact with has been ever very good at their job and very helpful in getting question answered and very knowledgeable with my loan. ­" - Kenneth G. *************************
"I have been very satisfied with my service. ­" - Shari W. *************************
"Helpful, knowledgeable and consistent ­" - Anita V. *************************
"Carol O. has been great with my company and an outstanding resource and support rep for me personally. She has been responsible for the directing me the right way on my transactions and spent ANY necessary time with me on the phone. Carol is a Great Asset to Sunwest. Sunwest support is very well organized and easy to navigate. I love doing business with SunWest. Thank you ­" - Mario F. *************************
"We really appreciate SunWest for continually keeping us advised regarding our VA refinance of our home, This current experience has been the smoothest and least obtrusive of any mortgage financing or refinancing during our twenty-eight year marriage. Sonia M., Malissa O. and Anthony T. have proven to be very client friendly and helpful. ­" - Larry H. *************************
"you’re pretty awesome, Deanna!!! " - Robin G.
"Nathan was an awesome guy. Made everything a good experience for us. Keep that man close! " - Thomas V.
"Maya was awesome " - Tony E.
"Erica H. is a superstar! " - Calvin H.
"Mark, Compliments too often go unsaid but I wanted to make sure this didn’t fall on deaf ears. Jenn has done an absolutely incredible job and makes our experience with Sun West a great one. She keeps track of things and keeps us in line (which I must say is somewhat difficult). In addition, it has been a breath of fresh air with you as our new rep. Timely responses to emails and phone calls are much appreciated. You guys keep up the good work. " - Mark F.
"Kelly. Thank you so much for helping rush this loan along. I appreciate every giant step you took to help these Borrowers. Hope you have a great rest of your day! " - Suzanne G.
"My original loan was with SunWest. This company helped me do a difficult refinance to take someone off of my original VA loan. I very recently did another IRRL refinance to lower my payments. SunWest's interest rates and points were MUCH lower than any other lenders. From start to finish was just a little over 30 days. A special thank you to Marshall M., Gyasi G. and Megan W. To the previously mentioned people and hard working staff in the background I sincerely THANK YOU for an excellent job well done. At all times everyone was courteous and professional. ALL questions were responded to in a timely manner. Your company made me feel like I REALLY mattered. I am a 100% disabled veteran who is more grateful for your staffs exemplary performance. Keep up the GREAT work. " - Dennis S. *************************
"I am pleased with Steve and all his efforts. Thank you " - Edmund K. *************************
"This was a very efficient and effective process. It worked great! " - John C. *************************
"The service has been outstanding. Very prompt and esigning docs is great " - Alfredo B. *************************
"SunWest has been a great mortgage servicer. The online account and automatic payments are easy to use. Customer service has been easy to work with when I have had to call in. I would recommend SunWest to friends and use them again personally. " - Scott W. *************************
"Initial contact with Guillermo V. very smooth. Everything was explained thoroughly. Signing documents 4 days after initial contact. " - Larry T. *************************
"I am very satisfied with the service I received. " - Gloria O. ********************
"We have been helped every time we've tried to connect with you and we are well pleased! Thank you.... " - Virginia S. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Chris R.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Arnold F.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Michael E.
"Marshall is doing a great job trying to do the refi ASAP. Very nice young man. " - Debra Q. *************************
"Great service. Promptly responded to all my questions. I am Happy to stay a Sun West customer­ " - Andrew K. *************************
"Excellent Service so far and easy navigating on the website!­ " - Wendy and David B. *************************
"Excellent service!­ " - Melinda D. *************************
"Great experience with Sandra T. love working with her " - Kimberly M. *************************
"Politeness, efficient, respectful, helpful, friendly. " - Lyn W. *************************
"It was great working with Marshal, he made the experience so easy and I admire his knowledge and making the transaction in just one phone call, the numbers were great; I should have done sooner. ­" - Dale S. *************************
"It is commonly known how stressful is the process of finding a customer friendly lender who's main concern is to obtain the best deal in the market for us consumers. In my case I was fortunate to contact Ms. Eva C. in PR who made my the experience so smooth; thanks Eva. ­" - Nitza M. *************************
"Excellent service as always. That's why I remain at sun west mortgage because they always treat and value their customers right. ­" - Michael C. *************************
"Awesome! The site is easy to maneuver and the company was easy to get answers when needed. I am glad I choose SunWest for sure! Keep up the good work, in helping people that need assistance. Thanks! ­" - Annette G. *************************
"The process was very easy and all went smoothly ­" - Charles H. *************************
"I am very grateful for the professional and rapid service provided by my loan officer, Paul R. Excellent overall experience. ­" - Charles K. *************************
"very good ­" - John R. *************************
"We're days away from closing and my wife and I couldn't be happier with the service and quality of Sun West MC!! Thanks again for all that your assistance. " - Travis T. *************************
"Lorena N. was extremely helpful. " - Robert K. ********************
"very satisfied with repairs. good job. " - Del W. *************************
"Very happy with Sun West. " - Floyd R. *************************
"Love it " - Stephanie A. *************************
"Perfect ­" - Richard K. *************************
"RoseMarie was easy to talk to, answer my questions, and provide me with information, etc. This is just the beginning of the refinance process, but she let me know that I could call her at any time. Happy and satisfied in having RoseMarie as our loan processor. ­" - Sherry Z. *************************
"AS OF NOW, GOOD REPORT ­" - Nick T. *************************
"As of right now, things are much better with SWMC. ­" - Ronald K. *************************
"SunWest and their employees have been extremely helpful in refinancing my home , and helping me lock in the lowest interest rate possible . The brokers that I worked with were very nice , and Rick even gave me his cell number so I could contact him any time if I needed to. Everyone else that I talked to were very polite and explained everything I had any questions I had. When any of my friends plan to buy a new home I most definitely will recommend them to you. ­" - Mary J. *************************
"Very good service. A+ ­" - Raul R. *************************
"Sun West Mortgage has handled our mortgage needs with great professionalism and kindness. They explain everything in good detail. Thus far our experience with Sun West Mortgage has been a good one. ­" - Darnell D. *************************
"Thank you Gian G. for helping us to get our mortgage approval with mr Gian I feel that we are in good hands he's very kind and professional god bless you and thank you again ­" - Rafael T. *************************
"To all and David P. I want you all to know what a FANTASTIC asset Alex R. is to your group (SunWest). He always answers his phone and promptly returns all emails. Moreover, his knowledge of products and guidelines is unparalleled. Alex's approach to resolve any issues or concerns is beyond compare. "The customer comes first in his book". He has never failed to impress. Please take the time to recognize him for his great attitude and outstanding performance. ­" - Jeffrey B. *************************
"Mandeep = SUPERSTAR " - David B.
"Yesterday around 5pm as I sat around the settlement table reminiscing about the process I went through with the swmc team, I said to myself O what a great feeling to have such a wonderful team of talented people to work with. The caviar to the confidence i had was due to the solid and up front communication 360 degrees which was constant and we were all on the same page to solidify this dream of mine. I never had any doubt in my mind that this team couldn't pull this milestone in my life off. Your Excellent communication and experience made it all possible and I am finally a home owner (one of my American dreams has been fulfilled). Now I just have to hit the mega million. lol All that i am trying to say is thank you, thank you and again thank you. Diana, Phyllis and Chris excellent customer service, I felt like family and I appreciate all your hard work in the toughest times and darkest moments. It was always a pleasure talking to you and a very very positive first time experience for me. Chris thank you for showing up, it really meant a lot to me and I finally connected the face to the excellent voice I talked to all the time over the phone. You are a God sent Chris GOD BLESS YOU ALL " - Kirpal O.
"Maya was great " - Tony E.
"Love working with Kelly she is a great RM " - Angel M.
"Hi Angie, In case I haven't mentioned it lately, YOU are absolutely, totally AWESOME and AMAZING!!! It's too bad emails can't be recorded for quality and training purposes. Thank you Ang!! " - Jack W.
"Very professional workers! " - Maria M.
"I want to thank James K. for all of his Patience in dealing with me, and for ​​hanging in there and doing an excellent job. " - Benjamin H.
"Fast, efficient service provided by knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended. " - John G. *************************
"Malissa is a smart cookie! Outstanding performance from her and the team. " - Russ W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Tommy A.
"Kevin W. was extremely helpful and professional during my application process! " - Lori W. *************************
"I like the ease of the online website. " - Rosaline P. ********************
"Great mortgage company! " - Clayton P. *************************
"Ernest Pleasant to deal with, and great interest rate. " - Angela P. ********************
"My wife and I live in Abrams, WI, and we went in to SWMC for the first time and met with Ronald H. We have never had anyone who was so committed to helping us as Ron!! He is extremely knowledgeable, very thorough, and always happy! Ron is a great asset to your company! Thanks to Ron, and his team for the awesome experience! Thank you for your consideration " - Brian V. *************************
"I'm in the underwriters queue at the moment but the experience has been great. Everyone I've dealt with has kept me up to date during every step...... " - Kevin M. ********************
"Rosemarie was very helpful and answered all my questions. " - James F. *************************
"It's been a smooth transition and experience with Sunwest. Highly recommend, excellent customer service " - Prasasth S. ********************
"all good " - James D. *************************
"Very responsive and helpful with the loan process!­ " - Tom D. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Jeannie D.
"Always kind.­ " - George B. *************************
"Very precise and friendly­ " - Dale W. *************************
"Great company! Even called to me to get a lower rate. " - Karen H. *************************
"Auto payment setup was a breeze!!!!! Thanks " - Connie G. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Paul S.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Larry D.
"Muy amable ­" - Shirley Q. *************************
"My experience with SWMC has been great. From the application process to close and throughout the life of the loan, SWMC has been professional, supportive, compassionate, and sensitive to my needs. Thank you! ­" - Ralph M. *************************
"Exceptional service and informative, couldn't have been more satisfied thanks! ­" - Sharron A. *************************
"The representative was thoughtful and attentive ­" - Robert M. *************************
"SunWest Mortgage is an outstanding company. They have intelligent people who only have their customers best interest in mind. I am very glad SunWest is my mortgage company ­" - William W. *************************
"Marshall M. has been a very good loan officer. Helping me with Doc u sign especially. " - Debra Q. *************************
"Great - fast response and friendly! My mortgage being carried by Sun West Mortgage Inc., has been easy and I am happy with my mortgage service through this company. " - Pardra H. *************************
"My mortgage being carried by Sun West Mortgage Inc., has been easy and I am happy with my mortgage service through this company. " - Amber W. *************************
"My initial interaction with Dana G. has been informative and educational. Truly appreciate the manner in which he reached out to me to show his appreciation for being a valued customer. " - Joseph G. *************************
"Good. ­" - Matt H. *************************
"We just got our loan in June, and so far everything has gone quite smoothly. I just signed up for auto-payments along with e-statments. ­" - Trudy N. *************************
"Very professional! ­" - Eugene K. *************************
"Great. Easy. Perfect service. Thanks. ­" - Aida T. *************************
"I must say I was not looking into refinancing my home. I rejected the first time Mr. Jairus H. called. On the second time, Mr. Hubbard asked me just to give him the opportunity to find out what my payment and interest will go down to if I did refinance. Mr. Hubbard did call me back and informed me of my new interest and monthly payment. I was really happy with the results. He promised me there was no hidden fees and that he would be there for me throughout the entire process, if I had any doubts or questions. I must say I did and Mr. Hubbard was there for me as promised. The process was very easy and everyone involved was very professional and pleasant (Della D. and LaShawn B.). Thank you for your professionalism and customer service. ­" - Elvia G. *************************
"Exellent!!! ­" - Omard R. *************************
"The re-finance has been stress-free up to this point! A total of three phone calls, a couple emails from Leland and Monique and should be closing shortly hopefully... Thank you for the professional service ­" - Charles D. *************************
"Malissa's team performed above satisfaction! " - Russel W.
"you are getting better at staying on top of files that are to be closing same month, keep it up " - Susan L.
"no suggestions, very satisfied with the very friendly and smart account manager servicing for all of our loans so far. " - Terry U.
"Lauren & Natalie, SunWest is going to be my number 1 go to lender, for VA and FHA they have great pricing and liberal guidelines. More importantly Wanda C. & Isabel A. have been a cut above their competition You may already notice the problems I’m experiencing with other lenders and reps. Everything Kirk and myself put through SunWest has gone smoothly. Great job to both Wanda & Isabel! " - Tom B.
"My name is Michele H. I am currently a customer of SunWest mortgage company who is interested in a streamline refinancing loan. Mr. Cameron P. is in charge of my case. He has been nothing short of assuring, informative and professional at all times. He and his staff have answered all my questions and emails in a timely manner. This has been a hassle free experience that I as a customer appreciate. I just wanted to let you know. Kellie D. is my contact person as well as Cameron and also made the entire experience worth it and less scary. Her efficiency and courteousness makes me happy to be a customer of SunWest.! " - Michele H.
"Erica H. is awesome to work with!!!!!!!!!!!! " - Calvin H.
"Jennifer D. and David P. I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for helping my family with re-financing our house. It took some time to close, but it was worth the wait and we were happy with the results/fees. Great job!!! " - Martina B.
"I appreciated being kept updated on the status of conditions by ​​Bikramjeet S. He was quick to respond to my e-mails. Much appreciated!! " - Susan J.
"Damaris D. you're the best! Thank you very much " - Jose C.
"Erica is an awesome CSR! " - Tammy T.
"Erica H. its a pleasure to work with you " - Calvin H.
"Davis C. did an outstanding job with the entire loan process. Thank you very much " - Edward C.
"Roxanne is awesome she was upfront about everything thing that we needed and was there to answer any and all questions we had. Thank you for your help with everything we are so glad we chose you for our lender. Your awesome.!!! Thanks " - Chris C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Monesha C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Medni N.
"So far so good :-) " - Laurie K. *************************
"I refinanced my loan with SunWest! It was fantastic. It was the 2nd refinance to a lower interest rate in less than a year. Compared to the previous mortgage provider I had, J.G. Wentworth, the process was incredibly smooth and way less of a head ache. The staff was knowledgeable and made everything easy to understand. Thanks! " - Byron S. *************************
"Our home refinance went very smoothly. Sun West has been great. " - Teresa E. *************************
"Excellent service quick and easy using my existing mortgage co. Makes a lot of sense thanks! " - Sharron A. *************************
"Sun West has the best customer service.. Thanks for all that you do. " - Wendell J. *************************
"La experiencia con Jazmin F. fue una excepcional. Ella hizo que mi compra de mi primer hogar fuera muy amena y el servicio fue muy ágil y rápido " - Victor D. *************************
"Babash D. is a credit to your company. He is very knowledgeable and is easy to work with.! " - William L. *************************
"Excellent service! financial officer Ed D. was always available to answer every question at any time. Would definitely recommend to everyone ! " - Ralph C. *************************
"So far so good, I have nothing bad to say, everything has been a very nice experience! " - Ron A. *************************
"I would rate it a 10 nice people that care thank you sunwest. " - Terry L. *************************
"Great service " - Carole G. *************************
"Great Service! " - Tamara B. *************************
"Great " - Natalio T. *************************
"Great customer service " - Blanca R. *************************
"Sun West Mortgage Team has been very helpful and supportive!!.. " - Gredisleydis M. *************************
"Brenley G. and Penina N., are an amazing team. Their professionalism is unrivaled and this is the kind of employees SunWest wants to represent their company. Thank you. " - Gina N. *************************
"Mr. Gelpi was an extreme professional that understood rapidly my situation and took necessary actions to deal with and options. Thank you, Mr. Gelpi!.. " - Marcos D. *************************
"Marshall M. and Gyasi G. are MASTERS at getting a loan closed. Not only do they keep in constant communication, but they also helped to ensure our process was smooth and clear. Sun West is a great company and we are so excited you guys helped us achieve our dream of home ownership!. " - Marcus C. *************************
"Outstanding customer service with quickness, accuracy, understanding and empathy!! " - Bruce D. *************************
"Very easy to use " - William C. *************************
"The Ladies that have been working with me have been real nice and very helpful. And have explained everything for me to understand. " - Blanca P. *************************
"Jon R. kept me informed as he located the paperwork I needed. Then he patiently walked me through moving my papers to a place I could work with them. " - Robert C. *************************
"Very satisfied with sun west services. " - James M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Robert H.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Ingemar C.
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Stacy A.
"Over all Sun West was great getting things going for us, Helping us lower our payments, also understanding the documents. Thanks again " - Thomas S. *************************
"Thank you for your service " - Tina R. *************************
"We have just completed our first year with Sunwest Mortgage and it has overall been very pleasant and stress-free...thank you for a positive experience, Sunwest. " - Tamara N. ********************
"Thank you for all that you do " - Patty N. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Mequanent N.
"Great!! " - John B. *************************
"The Sun West team has been an outstanding company to work with and I am so glad that we decided to go with them for our home loan and also with our refinance. " - Danell G. *************************
"Very satisfied so far " - Shuania W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Donald P.
"Ernest is the best. He bends over backwards to help me with these steps to purchase a home.. " - Laura Y. *************************
"I have had multiple mortgage companies in my life and Sun West is the Best by Far !!! " - Michael L. ********************
"I had a very pleasant experience with sunwest on a refi. Pleasant to work with . Helpful and speedy getting paperwork completed..highly recommend... " - John P. *************************
"Very helpful and courteous. " - Harry A. *************************
"Mr. Joel S. has been a pleasure to work with, he does an outstanding job­ " - Marc C. *************************
"Personable, empathetic, patient, professional with good identification skills. Appreciation of this company's representation 'Leland T.'!­ " - Allen M. *************************
"Consistent, even, committed work ethic, what else could you ask for?­ " - Robert R. *************************
"Best mortgage company ever! The web-site is very user friendly and when ever I call with a question my answers have been answered. Unlike past companies where getting through to a live person is always a challenge. " - David B. *************************
"The service I received - as my rating indicates - has been "beyond great", Sun West has been tremendously helpful and efficient in explaining, providing various options that fit my need, and processing all forms and applications. In the course of my 40 years of mortgage loans and transactions, including changes in terms and interest rates, I have never enjoyed such good and honest support and such expertise as I have experienced with Sun West. My next mortgage will be only through Sun West and my hope is that Marshall M, the terrific, patient, and professional loan officer will still be with the company to service it. Thank you for your integrity at a time when so many are simply looking for a quick buck. " - George W. *************************
"Just getting started, but looking forward to a positive experience!!!!! ­" - Shelly J. *************************
"Received prompt email replies ­" - Cindy B. *************************
"Everyone has been helpful and professional. ­" - Reginald R. *************************
"Excellent customer service with people treating people like people. Always get a rep that takes ownership of call instead of trying to talk to an automated system. Great customer service experience which should be used as a model for just about every other company that's treats people like account numbers ­" - Michael B. *************************
"Donna, is hands down one of your best VA underwriters. Very knowledgeable and always helpful. " - Ann E. *************************
"I am a new customer and so far have had a good experience " - David L. *************************
"Very good to me " - Lee F. *************************
"Quick and easy ­" - Bill H. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Dallas J.
"Very clear and like the ability to make principal payments at will ­" - Steven R. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Luis M.
"Ms. Tamara B. has consistently provided Great customer professional service!! Very satisfied with Sun West!! ­" - Victor H. *************************
"So far working with Sun West has been great. ­" - David S. ********************
"The experience with electronic pay is excellent. Thank you so much. ­" - Benjamin M. ********************
"Every thing, literally, from intro letter to closing forms ..was pro if I had a question it was answered... Im a vietnam vet. lots of questions, 100 percent ptsd disabled , they answered..hoping they didn't have to bite their lip to hard...refine made easy ­" - John W. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Carole W.
"The pre-approval process for the future purchase of a second home in Vieques Puerto Rico went smoothly. Our loan officer, Gian A. did an exceptional job. ­" - William D. *************************
"Maria M. is excellent!! " - Tami S.
"Thanks for your help! You are the only person at Sunwest who has consistently responded to me in a timely manner! " - Nathan M.
"Dear Mae M. I want to let you know that I am very satisfied with the excellence service provided to me by your employee Kellie D. from Sun West Mortgage Company. She has been very helpful and professional in her dealings with my refinancing. She has gone out of her way to facilitate communication between the title company and myself regarding the final details of the closing. I really appreciate Ms. Kellie D.’s dedication and customer service oriented attitude.. " - Eizmendiz L.
"Everything was great. " - Kim C.
"very good " - Mercedes M. *************************
"Outstanding experience, everyone is professional on every level. " - Jim P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Robert D.
"Well, ever since I've been with sunwest I've had very good people that have worked with me. They are very helpful and will answer any question I have. " - Estela P. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Debbie S.
"Great Service! " - Tamara B. *************************
"Been happy with the service and never had any issues with any transactions. " - Robert A. *************************
"The process has been quick and easy. " - Donald H. ********************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Catherine D.
"My review is in regards to our rep Alex R. He is a very busy person, but always answers his phone when I call, and stops what he's doing to assist me right away. He always helps where/when he can, and is very nice when something is out of his power. Alex, is very polite and professional. Which sounds boring, but is something I value and I think is underrated. " - Angela E. ********************
"Love Josette L. and Alex R. They really do go out of their way to help me with my many, many files. There is not way I could close as many as I do if it was not for them. " - Bella W. ********************
"oh my gosh! What will I do without Alex R. "The fireman" always putting out fires during our month's end crunch! He is a keeper for sure.. " - Lou M. *************************
"We would like to say thank you to what a great job Alex R. have been doing. My loan were stuck and he was able to get the right person to help me. Once again, thank you. " - Beatrice B. *************************
"Alex R. is great! He has been extremely helpful. He always answer his calls and he make things happened. We are very glad to have him as our AE. He is helpful and thank you kindly for the great customer service support. " - Cindy D. *************************
"A pleasure working with Alex R. on all of my loans with Sun West. Always accessible, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you! " - Adam W. *************************
"Your team came off as very professional it was a pleasure working with them " - John C. *************************
"Thank you Jennie B. you make our life so much easier! " - Mark M. *************************
"muy satisfecho " - Alejandro R. *************************
"Sunwest has always been my go to lender for FHA streamline refinances as they offer combination of superb pricing with flexible underwriting that is harder to find these days.. " - Aisha B. ********************
"Good " - Juan M. *************************
"Very customer friendly. " - Sandra H. *************************
"Very professional and timely responses to every question. Thank you. " - Jerry S. *************************
"Professional, courteous and prompt service. " - Smith C. *************************
"Great " - Natalio T. *************************
"It has been a positive experience, so far. " - Marie S. ********************
"Thank you for your excellent customer service that was recently given to me. Every question that I had was answered. Please pass this to your employees. Keep up the super courtesy during phone inquiries. Thank you " - Richard A. *************************
"Very easy process to pay and manage my mortgage. Other companies should take note! " - Marc V. *************************
"Excellent! " - Matt H. *************************
"Sun West Mortgage, thus far, has been very easy to work with and is fairly responsive when I do need to contact them. SWMC, along with the independent representative, lowered my APR by .75% and lowed my payments. " - Travis H.
"New customer but overall great customer service! " - Natalie D. *************************
"Reap very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent customer experience throughout while process " - Michael B. *************************
"Yvonne R. is awesome " - Mark P. *************************
"I love it! The website is free and easy to use " - Ada O. *************************
"very easy to use online account to make payments. Customer service will go out of his or her way to make sure you get what you need. " - Frances G. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Richard L.
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Darrin R.
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Eddie R.
"I am very pleased with the service I have received. I was well informed on everything that was done. He explained every step so I could make the best decision. " - Joann T. *************************
"So far everything is moving smoothly- especially with being kept in the loop ­" - Joseph C. *************************
"Very good experience with Gian G. and Kellie D. ­" - Lazaro E. *************************
"Excellent ­" - Natalio T. *************************
"In the past signing up for on line payments for our mortgage has been a real chore. This was the fastest and easiest set up I've ever encountered. I have been thoroughly impressed with Sun West Mortgage so far. " - Tomas T. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Linnette C.
"Good " - Leon W. *************************
"Your company is the greatest, you work hard to help the person to get the right funding they need for any mortgage they need. " - Marvin H. *************************
"Great service ­" - Grisselle S. *************************
"They took care of everything! Process was absolutely smooth. ­" - Aileen L. *************************
"Very good answering center ­" - Ed R. *************************
"Easy! ­" - John D. *************************
"Truly liked the way this worked. A nightmare made easy and secure. ­" - William R. *************************
"Loving my new company. ­" - Debra K. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** *****" - Carlos I.
"I appreciate the opportunity to submit my opinion of Ms. Kellie D. as my loan processor. First of all, I don't think I have ever spoken to a sweeter girl! She made me very comfortable during this process. As a former loan processor of nearly 15 years, handling a large portfolio of loans is not unfamiliar to me. She was prompt to respond to my needs and very professional at all times. I appreciate her as availability and her perseverance in getting my loan closed. You have a winner there, keep her on board! " - Sandra W.
"Tell your team great job we really pushed you guys this month , and really appreciated the hard work yay for team Maya " - Rose K.
"I would like to start off by saying how humbly grateful i am that Ms. Sarah M. handled my refi loan at Sunwest Mortgage. Sarah went above and beyond to help me with this loan process and i must say that her professionalism and deep awareness of the ease of this loan process went a lot smoother than i could ever imagine. Ms. Sarah M. kept me in the loop and informed me of the process and i was more than pleasantly surprised by her outstanding effort in getting my loan closed so quickly. Please extend my most sincere gratitude to a wonderful young lady and thank you again Sunwest Mortgage for a smooth transition. Ms. Sarah M.'s dedication is second to none. Thank you so much for everything Sunwest has done for me!!!! " - Kiki G.
"Angie, Alex and the SW Team are a huge asset in getting my loans closed. Thank you! " - Adam W.
"Kellie D. has been very instrumental in keeping me informed and answering any questions I may have; she has a cheerful attitude and has made this event a very positive experience. FIVE STARS FOR KELLIE. " - Jermaine L.
"Dana: Thank you so much. Over the years I've had numerous re-fis and mortgages and you and Eduardo are by far the best and most efficient I have dealt with. " - Brian L.
"Working with the Sun West team was a breeze. Our loan officer JeanPierre R. was over the top in seeing that the process went smoothly. Loan closing was very easy. Thanks team for working for .Veteran's needs " - Linda M. *************************
"Outstanding company with outstanding service. " - Dennis S. *************************
"My lending officer is amazing, skilled, quick, so knowledgeable of the matter at hand and extremely pleasant to work with. " - Leanna S. *************************
"Great experience buying our first home in Delaware! A special thanks to Bill F. He was so wonderful to deal with from the first day to the day we signed our last papers and were handed the keys!! " - Joseph M. *************************
"very satisfied " - Brenda M. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Michael W.
"Great customer service " - Javier G. *************************
"Mr Paul was great. Got to the facts, gave me the numbers and we have a deal. " - Maxwell C. *************************
"Good. " - Elizabeth I. *************************
"My new mortgage company is awesome! " - Debra K. *************************
"Great fast approval. Great customer support when setting up my account.­ " - William S. *************************
"Hello Sun West, I want to provide you a review of Malissa O. from your refi team. Today we spoke regarding my options to refi my current loan. She provided me several options and then took some information from me to help service my needs better. She then emailed me some documents to review and offered her email and phone number in case I have further questions. I thought this was great service and she was very knowledgeable. thank you for a great experience. " - Eugene H. *************************
"My emails have been answered in a timely manner. " - Kenneth T. *************************
"***** ***** ***** ***** ***** " - Glenn W.
"SunWest is easy to contact, review accounts and obtain feedback from using the website or calling in. Wait times are pretty quick as well so that is great; in comparison to other companies that seem to make it less transparent on how to get in touch with customer service etc. Appreciate the support that is offered and competitive options that SunWest provides within the industry" - Dawn A. *************************
"Phone call with Jeremy..absolutely quick and very professional " - Gloria G. *************************
"Very quick service and response ­" - Ray B. *************************
"overall experience is a 5 ­" - James D. *************************
"I have heard from other people how buying a house was difficult and a struggle, but with SunWest Mortgage we were able to do it quickly and straightforward. Their online payment is easy to use as well. ­" - Pedro L. *************************
"***** ***** ***** *****" - Bernard C.
"Again the contact experience is easy and quick " - Mary M. *************************
"Outstanding service!! " - James P. *************************
"I love this mortgage company. They work with you and have friendly staff. ­" - Penny S. *************************
"Very easy to complete the loan process with Docu-Sign. ­" - Patrick G. *************************
"Excellent service. Completely satisfied ­" - Benjamin W. ********************
"Meghan listened to problem explained what needed to be done to correct, gave us all the info we needed put us at ease. Wish I had dealt with her from the beginning of loan process. ­" - James D. *************************
"Thank you for all that you do ­" - Patty N. *************************
"Christopher L. was the best mortgage loan officer I've ever used. His entire support staff included. Our situation was complex to say the least and he flawlessly handled it better than I could of ever expected. I plan on using SWMC for my future mortgage needs. ­" - Joseph D. *************************
"Guillermo V. was very helpful returned my call and answered all my questions. Looking forward to working with him on some upcoming deals. ­" - Esther T. *************************
"Thank you all for everything " - Jessica A.
"I wanted to reach out to Sunwest mortgage company, on behalf of myself and my husband Nicholas to thank Kellie D. and Cameron P. for their patience and assistance in our home cash-out refinance that has just completed today. They were prompt in answering all of our questions (and let me tell you, we bothered them a lot) :). Information was given to us in a clear and precise manner and we can't thank them enough for everything they did for us. It has been a pleasure working with your company and will highly recommend you to anyone that we may come across that is looking to purchase or re-fi their home. All the best! " - Tessa K.
"I just want to thank Dana G. and Tanya A. for everything they did to help me refinance my house. " - Gerardo V.
"Shirla, Thank you again, so being so professional in your job! In keeping us informed on our loan; Sunwest should be extremely proud of your dedication to your job, and to the Sunwest clients. I hope you feel good about the job your doing! Thank you for being there for us! " - Will & Noreen H.
"Thank you, Tharakh. Btw, you’ve answered more than a few of my questions over the past while and I want to take a moment to communicate my appreciation for your expertise. It is always appreciated and it makes a difference---so, again, thank you. " - Dan B.
"David C. from PR has taken me by the hand throughout the transaction and has been a facilitator. " - Erick R. *************************
"My loan officer was very respectful and knowledgeable. He followed up with me the way he said he would, and answered all my questions. I liked that he was not "high pressure". Great Job. " - Cynthia S. *************************
"Excellent service, I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a new loan or to refinance. " - Gaylord L. *************************
"Brenley G. has been awesome!!! VERY helpful to us as we transition to your company. " - Sandra W. *************************
"very good excellent " - Fred C. *************************
"Got really fast responses to my emails. " - Eugene K. *************************
"Rose Marie was very helpful and very clear with all that she had to tell me. I was able understand everything that I had to do. " - Estela P. *************************
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"My loan is fairly new with them but, so far, there have been no hiccups. The website is super easy to navigate which is really nice. I pay through the website and the payment takes less than 60 seconds. " - Grace P. ********************
"Mr rollings has been great to deal with. He is a people person. Does a great job with our mortgage. " - Judy D. *************************
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